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    Anybody do weight watchers

    Weight Watchers is the best program out there, since it WORKS! I've lost 95 pounds doing WW, and I feel great. I go to meetings every single week and weigh every single week even though I am Lifetime and only have to weigh once a month. Well once a month isn't good enough for me because I...
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    Diet pills?

    Ali causes anal drainage if you eat too much fat in your meal. If you really need that sort of control, I suggest talking to your doctor or a dietician. Plans like Jenny Craig and Nutri-System have portion controlled foods they provide for you, but they don't teach you how to eat in the real...
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    Bookings Harangued by home office

    I have gotten those emails this month, but then I know I haven't submitted sales last or this month. I had the two shows I did have cancel on me (or never got back to me to talk about their shows, even with me trying). To top it all off, my husband and I got really sick for two weeks in January...
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    Mac vs PC ... kids opinion paper

    When Wiindows/Vista PC makers try to save you money, they put in cheap components and you sacrifice quality parts. Ever tried to get good customer service from Dell or HP? Lucky if you can reach anyone who isn't at a call center in India. Also, Macs have higher resell value than PCs when you...
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    What do you think of the Rebate Plan?

    I am looking forward to getting the rebate. If we have CC debt to pay, it will go toward that. If not, my husband and I may each take half and spend it on whatever we want, or pool it together and splurge and get an HDTV and a Blu-Ray DVD player. If we end up splitting it up I think I'll get...
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    Does it feel like...

    I agree 100% with Rebel Chef. I have done PC as a fun hobby for two years now. I have a full-time job and another part-time job. I had a pretty full calendar until the end of 2007 ... and now I get no nibbles, bites, nada. I put forth myself, send out newsletters, etc. Hosts who have set dates...
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    Any Thoughts? TPC Weight Loss Plan

    It seems like a cool idea, but why limit yourself to PC recipes for a weight-loss plan? PC recipes that are "healthier" are not created in mind for weight loss. So you may not be getting enough fiber, lean proteins and good fats in them to create a well-balanced nutritional diet. You might...
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    I'm rather disappointed

    Exactly. I did not say I am not glad to get the "free" stuff. I was just saying that compared to last year, our "bonus" is less. We also had to sell $250 more to get less product value. And it also irks me when people say "oh just be glad you are getting anything free at all, they don't have...
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    I'm rather disappointed

    To me last year just seemed more exciting when I opened up a huge box with all the items in it plus the trifle bowl. I don't know, maybe I am just not all that excited about the spring stuff. The "cookware protectors" seem like a real waste; I don't think they will sell. I like the looks of...
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    I'm rather disappointed

    With the actual products we are getting with Level 2 incentive (1500 in sales). The promotion flier said we would be getting more than $100 worth of products, and what we are getting doesn't even meet that retail wise! I have made this level in two other Sell-A-Thons and we got more products...
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    Leadership News And Information!

    Any pictures of all the new products instead of just the pink HWC items? Was there a display or anything?
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    The "oh NO gift"?

    If they really give you a hard time about it, I have seen those "redecorate on a dime" shows on HDTV and DIY and they have shown how you can buy a paint that looks exactly like a stainless steel finish when you paint it. They did it on someone's refrigerator and dishwasher. It looked pretty cool.
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    Does your family bake Jesus a birthday cake?

    I like some of your thinking, Debbie. I've read several books that say Jesus was actually born during the summer months, because that's when the census was taken during historical times. (And that's why his parents had to travel all the way to Bethlehem.) I've also read that the early Church...
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    SA Heart Dish

    Unfortunately I had a show that cancelled this month so I wasn't able to earn the dish ... When can we order this for ourselves? I hope we can do it this month, since I have the "old" PC visa and refuse to apply to the new one.
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    Bookings Problem!!! HELP!!!!!

    So what exactly did you do? Put the difference in another show and the host got her items, or you cancelled the whole show with her as host and then transferred the guests orders to your own show and submitted that instead? Me confused. lol.