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    Micro cake in Fluted Baker

    Making the pineapple upside cake in the fluted pan is fantastic. I used the melted butter to lube the pan, then add brown sugar (sometimes more is better) pineapple slices (get to use the pineapple wedger) then obviously the cake mix. It is wonderful both in presentation as well as taste! One...
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    Getting guests to help with cooking show

    I had a show in a large place and was making the pineapple salsa. I had typed up slips of paper with each step written and which tool is used and had them passed around. I think I had 8 steps (even mixing it all together was a step) and made them come up and do their step. I would then ask...
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    Sales Pampered poll with $1 squares

    When I did this, I just cut out all the squares, and had people pick one at a time. I had no problem at all selling them for $2 each, and only did 50, so 2 ppl got the $50. Make sure you do this at the end, when they have already filled out their order forms. Stress, they must ADD another $50...
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    Sales Pampered poll with $1 squares

    I did one, sold 50 square for $2 each, with the opportunity for 8 ppl to win something. The show was w/out a hostess, and I just donated 20% of sales and gave out the hostess benefits. So 2 got $50 each in free product, 2 got 50% off one, 2 got 30% off and 2 got free shipping, a free seasons...
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    Mock Lemon Meringue Cake

    So with the Jiffy cake mix, you only make one torte pan? If so, could you use a regular mix and make two? (if this was already asked, sorry). I'd love to make this, and I need a large quantity, so double would be perfect.
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    Cradle Cap how do I get rid of it?

    I remember just scraping it with a baby comb. I tried T-fal by Neutrogena, but I can't justify the price on how good it did. Baby oil and scraping it should work.
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    Buying ISO Mini catalogs

    I have one unopened package that I'd be willing to part with. e-mail me at [email protected]
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    Do I send him to school?

    I've been keeping my 5 yr. old home today and will again tomorrow. He's had fever and sore throat all weekend. Gonna take him to docs tomorrow. I'm also afraid to send him to school and then them just send him home. That and we only have 1 car tomorrow, so I wouldn't be able to get him. No...
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    Everyone bought a pineapple wedger!!

    I went to Florida on vaca last week and had a show while I was there. We made the pineapple salsa (excellent) and I sold a wedger to everyone there. They LOVED it. It's a super product, easy to sell and not to pricey either. The secret to cutting the perfect pineapple is for it to not be too...
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    Fresh pineapple Salsa

    That sound like the ticket. We are having the show in a party room by the pool - so it doesn't have a kitchen. I'm looking to do no cook presentations and already have things prepared to snack on. My hostess (my SIL) has almost as much PC stuff as I do, so I'm really only taking our new...
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    Fresh pineapple Salsa

    I'm heading to Florida for vacation and have a show planned while I'm there. I had planned to make the salsa and a torte. So excited to make it now that I'm hearing such great reviews. Thought I'd be able to sell many pineapple wedgers in Florida. You know sunny and pineapple seem to go hand...
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    Bookings Dear Pampered Chef...

    I've had the same thing happen as well. I've gotten orders w/o any papers either, and then received an e-mail from a consultant in another state telling me she received my shipping papers. Strange. And no bags as well. I had a bunch left over that I bought for a vendor show last year. Glad...
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    Anybody have a large rack?

    I have one (no joking) and am in western pa. if you still need one. e-mail me atusky1027 at wildblue.net
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    Sales How far will you go to get your name out?

    I sent DD to school today with 2 rice cooker cakes for her 2 teachers. We had parent/teacher conferences last week, and the discussion came up about the cake she took last week. They were both saying how much they LOVE cake, so we offered to make and have her bring in today. Again I sent her...
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    Sales How far will you go to get your name out?

    Well my DD came home with an empty cake container and said it was awesome. Her mates couldn't believe how moist the cake was and it was gobbled all up. They were surprised that it was cooked in the microwave. Did I get any leads, well, I'm hoping maybe one of these kids goes home to tell...