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    1st Timer Scavenger Hunt for new consultants

    Hi there! I am hoping to find an updated 1st timer scavenger hunt list for my consultant joining me this year! Also, does anyone have any ideas for a "swag bag" and things I should give to her since it is her 1st year and I want to make it as productive and fun as possible!! Thanks a...
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    Can you pay for Merrill products with PC Dollars??

    HELP?! Can you pay for Merrill products with PC dollars?? Thanks!!:chef:
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    Newbie going to Conference

    It's my favorite city and I live 15 minutes north of Boston!!!
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    Newbie going to Conference

    This will mark my 3rd year in a row going to conference.. It is also the 1st time that I am arriving on the 13th and leaving the 15th.. such a bummer!!!!! I highly recommend coming a day early and even leaving a day late!! There is soooooo much to do in Chicago!! I recommend walking the...
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    Anyone at the Sheraton looking for a roomate?

    Hey Everyone!! Thanks for all your help, but I was able to get a room with a local cluster!! Thanks again! ~Becky
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    Anyone at the Sheraton looking for a roomate?

    I am looking to room with consultants staying at the Sheraton. :D Thanks for your help! ~Becky
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    Bookings slide trouble?

    I agree with Ginny!! If you are excited, THEY will be excited!! Also your Host should be excited too!!!! I have been getting oohs and ahhs.. I usually say something like " Do you want to see what "Host's Name" is receiving for hosting tonight?!" and I always plug that she benefits from...
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    Chocolate Bliss

    Here is an invite I did for a Chocolate Bliss Theme.. I was tired of the PC print out with the annoying "PRINT" at the top.. Enjoy!!
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    How much does it cost to mail a catalog?

    Does anyone know the postage on mailing one catalog? and 1 catalog in a large envelope? How about a host packet? Folder, 2 catalogs, 8 outside order forms/flyers in a yellow large envelope??.. I am stuck at home with nothing to weigh my packages.. Thanks!!!
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    Incentive Trip Points

    LOL!! I was thinking the same thing!!!!
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    Who's going?

    I am going!!!! Working on recruit #3!!! WOOHOO!!!
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    Anyone need a roomate for Saturday night?

    Hello Everyone!! I am so excited to be promoted to Future Director!!!! :sing: And going to Leadership!!! :sing: I am earning Disney for me and my family in 2009!!!!!!:sing: So.. unfortunately due to my flight and my cluster leaving on Saturday.. I have to stay over on Saturday night.. Boo...
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    Who's going to Disney?!!

    I told my girls last night!!! They will keep me accountable and motivated!!! I have never been to Disney.. And to share it with my Pampered Chef family would be a dream come true!!!
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    New way to Pamper a Business

    EXCELLENT IDEA!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
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    Arriving on Wednesday???

    Is anyone arriving at O'Hare on Wednesday around noon and heading to the Sheraton??? I am hoping to share a cab with someone...:rolleyes: