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    Sales Timing at Show

    We did make the sandwiches at my show this week. I had people make them after I was finished with the prep and while we were waiting for the last few to arrive. It worked very well. Everyone but one wanted to try it and it went very fast. We started the show only about 10 minutes later than...
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    Sales Out of my comfort zone!

    Great Job I would say your morning was a success!! $300 in sales, not bad. And who knows what may come of it in the future. Good job ;)
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    Sales Out of my comfort zone!

    Good Luck Great idea! Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone. Have you though about offering an incentive to order from you right away? Maybe free shipping or no tax or a % off... Just a thought to motivate people and help you earn the new products. Good luck,
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    What cookies have you tried - Ice Cream Sandwich maker?

    I bought a pack of cookies today by "Franz" They were just a little small, and they were all slightly cracked so when we spred the ice cream they cracked more!! Also posibly a little thin. I saw the "Archway" which has been tried. The only type I found were oatmeal, iced oatmeal, dates and...
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    Adjustable Measuring Spoons

    I agree I agree about selling a product that you are not "in love" with. I personally do love the meas spoons, but I do not care for other products. I simply do not try to sell them. If someone asks about it I tell them the basics, but I will also tell them that I don't use it and why. I...
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    Sales Timing at Show

    I am so glad PC put directions w/ pictures on the web site! I read the directions several times today and finally handed to my husband for him to figure out. Of course he did! The more I think about it, I may try having people put one together as they arrive, so that it doesn't take any...
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    Sales Timing at Show

    I just received the ice cream sandwich maker and I, of course, want to use it at my next shows. My question is have you been having everyone make one at the begining of the show and then still preparing the recipe? Is it better to have most made ahead of time and demo just one? Or has anyone...
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    Sales Need Sales

    One thing that helps is to try to focus on how the products will help people in their kitchen. I know I find myself sometimes giving how the product works, but forgetting to sell the product for everyday use. For example I can tell the guests everything about stones, but if I don't remember to...
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    Sales What do you use for prizes?

    You can order your paperwork with Pampered Partner. Select non comission orders, add order, paper work/supplies.
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    Quick Stir Idea - Great for camping

    Wow, I would have never come up with that!! The batter didn't get too thick? Thanks, Michelle
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    Sales Order Forms

    I like this idea. Just last week I overheard a customer saying having to write in the specials was a deterant to purchasing them. I was thinking about writing them in myself before the show but didn't want to have "left overs" at the end of each month. What about putting both in guest...
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    Dessert Show Recipes

    Thank you Ginger Thanks so much for all the recipes. If I can't find a few to offer then there is no hope for me!!!! Thanks again, Michelle [email protected]
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    Alignment for receipts in PP

    Don't have the answer, but... I contacted tec support with this same problem. They said there is a way to fix it but it require changing the properties and would run the chance of causing other problems with my computer! Yikes... They did say that they are working on it and were hoping to...
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    Baked Beans

    This may be too late, but my dad always add beer, brown sugar, mustard, garlic powder, onion. He uses just a basic can of baked beans to begin with. He says the beer is the secret! Michelle
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    Looking for recipe for a show

    Thanks Thank you Marg for posting the recipe. Michelle