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    In Need of Suggestions

    I live in a small town of 2900 people. There is 6 consultants in this town. They have been selling PC for at least 3 yrs. I have been trying to sell for 6 mos. Well, I am now about to become inactive. I can't get a show of any type anywhere around this area. I don't have the time nor do I want...
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    Paperwork Supplies

    When can we start ordering the new paperwork?? I have tried and it says not found. I have updated my PP. Also, just to make sure, I order the paperwork supplies under Supplies in PP correct?? Thanks
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    Pampered Partner - Dec Host & Guest Specials

    I had the same problem with the mini whisk. I found out that I was entering the #G124 instead of GI24 HO told me that the specials are always 2 letters/2 numbers It worked then.
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    So peeved, another Dec cancellation

    I haven't been able to book any shows for Nov. or Dec. They tell me that they are too busy to mess with a show or catalog show, and that it is a bad time of the year. Guess they aren;'t interested in Pampered Chef for gifts. I have even offered extra incentives out of my own pocket. Still nothing.
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    Cancelled Shows

    I am in need of help!! I have had my only 2 Nov. shows cancelled. Host can't get any orders, due to bad time of year, no money etc. I have done lots of host coaching, and have went back to my 100 names. NO LUCK! Only had one show in Oct. so now I am on the edge of becoming inactive. Any Ideas...
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    All 3 show to go for sale...

    I only need the case on wheels. WOuld you sell that by itself??and if so, How much??
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    Stoneware Tote and Crate Available

    What are you wanting for the crate? plus s/h at 62448?
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    Help! I need the index card pictures!

    Could you please email me the index cards as well?? Thanks! [email protected]
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    New Flyer

    Your flyers look Fabulous!!!!!!!!
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    How can I handle a fundraiser situation gone wrong?

    So sorry to hear about your problems. The thing people don't understand is... Fundraisers are so easy for the people having it. I had one, and then when the orders came in I helped pack it. So basically they had an evening out with the girls, free food, and a good time and they made $175.00. I...
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    Suggestions for a filing system??

    What is that download sheet called on CC??
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    Cool Veggie Pizza

    Yeah, It's a very easy recipe and the guests love it!!
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    Show-To-Go packing tips anyone?

    You may have to do a download. It will either tell you to, or click on the help, and it will tell you what needs to be done.
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    Free Celebrate Plate code?

    how does the host get a free celebration plate??
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    Batter bowl gift set ideas-

    How do you make money off the cash and carry? Do you buy and submit a show for your products and resell?? and then just earn the host special, or do you buy products using our discount??