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Recent content by Princess

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    So annoyed....help!

    Long story short was suppose to have a fundraiser but it was cancelled but orders were still collects, apparently close to $1000 worth. Well she told me she mailed in and its been like 2 weeks now. I try and call her and she finally I get a hold of her and she can't remember when she mailed...
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    Holiday Theme

    Any ideas for a xmas holiday cooking show....receipes, games etc.
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    Food Ideas

    I'm doing in a fundraiser in October..unaware of the amount of ppl attending, so I was going to do a demo (club house chicken sqaures of cool veggie pizza) and have another one premade, what else can I make from PC that is quick and makes lots of? perhaps a dessert recipe????
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    In need of...

    Hey Cheffers, I was looking for any tips you may have for fundraising. Any do's or don'ts
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    Fubdraiser Outside Order Form

    Does anyone have a form they created for outside orders?
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    Shipping Fundraiser Orders?

    good idea txs
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    Shipping Fundraiser Orders?

    Is everything direct shipped? or does it all go to me or the chairperson for distribution?
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    Open House Ideas

    I passed out 40+ invites...I was new to PC. 10 ppl showed but everyone that came i knew.
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    Open House Ideas

    Okay Cheffers...I did a open house in March for the Spring and Summer product launch, I was thinking of doing one in September for the Fall and Winter products. Well the last one I did was a Mystery Host party, any ideas that I could do for this one?
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    New Mini Catalogues

    Sorry but the Canadian ones aren't blank
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    New Mini Catalogues

    How do you guys mail out these catalogues...the new ones don't have a blank back to put a stamp and address.
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    2 Guest Specials for 1 Person?

    i don't put in 2 seperate orders...I just put 2 guest specials. never had a problem
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    Make your own seasoning samples...

    How much dill seasonong in the pouch?
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    Do you ever feel guilty?

    Do you ever feel guilty that you don't have any shows booked and then you go to your cluster meeting with no shows on your calendar and you feel like you shouldn't be there?
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    SOOOOO Annoyed

    oh my lord :eek: ....that is one for the books!!