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Recent content by PCAnna

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    Pampered Chef Banner Setup

    Merrill used to carry a Retractable Banner but I don't see it on the website anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase one and does anyone have a picture of the banner they used to sell? Thank you!
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    Flyers with April

    I love the flyers.. I'm anxiously awaiting one that has April and May :) Thank you!!
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    I'm having the same problem..where are the files!

    I'm having the same problem..where are the files!
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    where are the files in the new site?

    where are the files in the new site?
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    Anyone receive their April '12 Apron/bonus Umbrella yet?

    I got mine too yesterday ! :) Does anyone by chance have the Whip Cancer pink paisley apron from 2 years ago that they would like to sell?
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    Recipes for showing off cookware at show

    I have been melting 2 pieces of caramels (almost burnt) in the small skillet when I arrive to the host home. I let it cool. During my demo, I talk about the nonstick being TRULY nonstick and I show how the caramel peels right off. How many people can say their cookware does that?! :)
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    Wine with appetizer pairings?

    Yes, I've had the Greek Cheese torta. Does that have to sit a while before serving it? I always bring cream cheese and 2 sauces at every show. :)
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    Wine with appetizer pairings?

    I have a host who wants to have a wine pairing with different types of appetizers. Anyone have any ideas?? All suggestions would be appreciated! :)
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    Dump Cake

    I tried the peach dump cake. It was a hit.. I didn't even get to sample it. I am going to try the cherry one today with the chocolate cake. We'll see if it is just as good!:)
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    Dump Cake

    Thanks Beth.. I will give it a try and keep you posted :)
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    Dump Cake

    Thanks Beth. Which combination of fruit/cake do you like best. I was reading that some people were getting a gooey mess. Have you ever encountered anything like that?
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    Dump Cake

    Has anyone ever done a dump cake in the DCB with good success? If so, do you have a good recipe? Recipe must not have any eggs. Thanks for your help! :)
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    Inactive and renewing web site soon

    Hi Michelle, Obviously you love the products and the business! Sometimes it can be very discouraging. But just remember that if someone says "no" to you..it is not personal. And the more people you ask..the closer you get to a yes! I usually strum up a conversation with people and...
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    How to do my show tonight??

    Abigail.. I thought about that as an afterthought.. just make all the chicken in the DCB for both recipes..voila. :)
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    How to do my show tonight??

    Hi Stephanie, I would definitely demo the pizza more than the BBQ sandwiches in the DCB. The baker really speaks for itself. I would definitely have the chicken cooked prior to the guests arrival and then chop it up with the salad choppers. Stress how juicy things remain even when...