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    Tally time for large groups

    I have a very large fundraiser cooking show coming up in November (100+ people) How will I get through tally time? Any suggestions?
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    Help!!! Margaritaville Show On Thur!!!

    Beer Margaritas I got this recipe here a long time ago. My guests LOVE them! 2 cans of 7UP 2 cans frozen miniute maid limeade 2 bottles Corona (must be Corona) 2-3 cups of tequila Plunge and serve over ice. don't know the cheeseburger ring recipe, sorry!
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    I have a lead who is considering doing PC or Herbalife. I haven't had

    I have a lead who is considering doing PC or Herbalife. I haven't had any experience with this company before so it's hard for me to compare.
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    Artichoke Chicken Salad Tarts

    I am going to try this recipe at my next show. Why do you need to put slits in the bread??
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    Opportunity night

    Yes, one of my consultants and I did this. We did a really casual evening in my home (coffee and dessert). We personally invited people who had recently shown some intrest in the business (no email!). I said something like "we are having a little get together for people who are interested in...
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    I Really Really Want

    Michelle, look on consltant's corner. There is a Cluster Team Challlenge for April. Looks like we get that exact bag for free if we submit 2 shows in April! It's also in the KCN that I got today.
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    My very first fund-raiser - a success!

    That's great Marg!! I have also decided to step out of my comfort zone and try some new things this year. Would you happen to have a copy of the poster you did that you are willing to share? :D
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    Host doesn't get it

    Sounds like you've done all you can to get her to invite as many people as possible. You can let her know she should encourage everyone to bring a guest. I would really try and get her to collect outside orders from people who can't attend and out of town friends and family. My highest show...
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    Before You Place Your 1st S/s06 Paperwork Order

    for Canada it's EK20 for the itemized and EK76 for the write in. Oh, and we get 50 free!
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    Does anyone know anything about this company? I met a rather

    Does anyone know anything about this company? I met a rather interesting lady the other day and she was very determined to convince my how much better they were than P.C. I told her I was quite happy with P.C but she would't let up. Among other things she told me she made $175 000 last year...
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    Do our stones harbor bacteria?

    a customer asked this question and I said no but didn't really have a good explanation to give her
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    Phone Phobia

    Me too! I do have the phone phobia. I always feel like I am bothering people/calling at the wrong time....whatever. I start to get anxious about it in the morning if I know I'm going to be making the calls that night. It does help if you make a few calls every day. I have been the last...
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    Benefit of Professional Versus Executive

    Thanks! I love this flyer. What does "out-of-round" mean :confused: Kelly
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    Welcome Wagon

    Julie, I became a Welcome Wagon sponsor last year (my first year with PC) and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. :( I spent so much money and during my 6 month contract and only ever got one booking out of it. I didn't get any booking or recruiting leads from that party. I think...
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    This is actually working!

    I tried this (with the tickets at the end, and questions about my job only) last night and got 4 recruit leads!!!! It was fun, the girls got very competitive. I recommend this game to everyone! Kelly