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    Show case of homes

    show case Thanks everyone for your ideas!! This is scheduled for the 1st week in June so I have some time to think about this. I just want to stay on top of this because how often do we get a chance to put our name out there in front of 10,000 people!! :eek: The thought of the recuits and...
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    Show case of homes

    show case I will be in the same home each day. My husband works for one of the companies building one of the homes. I thought about the simple additions, and the tool turn about is a must!! I believe I would be able to use the oven but I wasn't sure if I wanted to worry about having to keep...
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    Show case of homes

    I've just been invited to take part in a show case of homes and wondered if anyone has done anything like this before. What it is, is there are 5-6 new home construction companies that each build a home on a street, from top to bottom. They furnish the home with furniture, decorations...
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    Product SetUp

    Me Too!!! I don't have mine either!!
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    Product SetUp

    As far as I know we cannot order the show to go yet. That was a promotion a few months back.
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    Customer complaint about food chopper

    Why isn't she just using her cutting board to chop on? I have to be honest, I never use the bottom cover, I always use my cutting board. Its a great cross sell item too with the chopper since it won't dull the choppers blades. I have to tell you all what happened to me. I had sold a food...
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    Booking Binder

    Did you check under flyers? They have some great flyers and I have gotten several from there. :)
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    Husband Wife Teams, anyone know anything about this?

    I think a while back in PC you could sign up as a team but you can't anymore. One of the names has to be on the contract and the other just the "silent" partner. If you both decide to sell I believe one cannot recruit the other. Plus if you both sell, when one earns a trip the other cannot go...
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    Sept. Special

    I would check with the home office first. I though the receipt had to be with our stationary.
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    New fall products on ebay

    ebay items I agree. You know these people have to be pretty active to have all the new stuff. And who would of spent the money to go to conference and receive the woven basket and now quit. If they want to sell this stuff maybe they should just sell it us consultants. They have to be...
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    Returned checks

    Thanks Rebecca. I'll try using that. I'm ready to try anything or just give up. I don't want to do that because I love the businesstoo much. I'm ready for any suggestions. :rolleyes:
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    Returned checks

    I usually do have the host give me one check just because alot of their outside orders write their checks to them. I have started on hosts that I'm not real sure about having each guest write their checks to me. That way if one bounces its only a small bit. I guess I'll have to start doing...
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    Returned checks

    Does anyone have a problem with a hosts' check being returned? This is my 2nd one in the 3 1/2 years of doing this. THe problem is they have their products but I'm stuck holding the bag. I don't keep that much in my account to cover things. No the past host won't answer my calls and I can't...
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    Septembers specials

    cluster meetings Can't your director find you a director closer to you, so you can attend those meetings? Surely someone is closer. You really need those monthly meeting to keep up and talk to other consultants. :)
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    REALLY frustrated

    You can do it either way. We have had times where it is just the spouses and once with the kids. The kids really think its cool to brag on Mom. They all feel like they are part of it then. :)