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    Theme Show Open House recipes?

    Hi, I'm having an Open House this coming Saturday 4/16, this is my first SS month and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about recipes I should serve? I was thinking about making the Pink Lemonade Squares, Strawberry Bruschetta, a veggie platter and possibly something else? Any ideas?? I...
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    Bookings Recipe selection??

    Oh I appreciate everyone's replies soo much! All of it has helped I was kinda overwhelmed when this first came up and I didnt want to look like I didnt know what to say! Thanks again! I would love the Florentine recipe!! My e-mail is [email protected] I have made several rings and...
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    Bookings Recipe selection??

    Hi, I'm new to PC, in fact April is my First SS month. I was wondering what other consultants offer recipe/theme wise to their hosts? There are so many recipes and of course several I havent tried yet. I discussed this with my director and she said to make a list every month with categories...
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    Batter Bowl Cake Variations

    Recently, I received an e-mail about a cake that was made with the batter bowl and the new prep bowl set and they made a paw print with light blue icing, like the ones on Blue's Clues! So Cute! My son is turning 2 this year and I plan on using this Idea for his party!