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    Is it worth it?

    Well, I guess that overall census is that it's worth it so I guess I will be setting one up in the next couple of days. Thanks for all your comments:)
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    Is it worth it?

    I dont have a personal website and have been thinking of getting one...especially with new outlet products only available online and not at shows. What does everybody think of theirs? I am not that familiar with what you can and cant do with one.
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    Airport Transfer to Sheraton Towers

    I get into Midway Airport at about 3:30 on Saturday. Me and another consultant were going to take the subway to the Sheraton Towers...$4.00. There's walking of about .1 miles after you get off but thats nothing!
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    What state are you from??

    Hey Michelle from New Hampshire...I'm a neighbor from Maine. I too will be on HO Tour #1. Bright and early! When do you get in to Chicago?
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    Nametags on the planes?

    I leave from Boston on Sat. at 1:40 and get to Chicago at 3:30. We have a whole day of sightseeing!! Staying at the Sheraton Towers
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    El Train advice?

    I've done the subway in Boston and feel pretty comfortable there but the only thing I worry about is having luggage on both the subway and the bus. I only have one peice of luggage and my briefcase but will it be too bulky for the subway?
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    What state are you from??

    I am from Brewer Maine and this is my first conference.:)
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    El Train advice?

    I dont mind waiting...but thats quite a wait!!! I'm not sure if we are going to try the train. I wouldnt mind. I did figure out the route we would take and it is by subway and bus and walking .1 mile to get to the hotel, for only $4.00. The shuttle and cabs run $30 or so. Well, I guess I...
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    El Train advice?

    Hi Dawn, Its Amber from Lori's cluster. What time do you get into Midway? Amy and I get in about 3:30. Maybe we could meet and find our way together. I think the Chicago Transit has a website that will give you the best route.
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    Darla Oelmann

    This is my first conference too, and I am on Home Office Tour #1...bright and early!! My Exec. Director is Dot Doiron....I just love her.:)
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    Lap boards

    My director gave me a good, inexpensive tip for lapboards. Use the Celebrations Folders. If you cut each one into 3, you got 3 lapboards. It has a pocket for everything and if you have the older ones most of the guests will have different recipes pictured on the back. Just a thought
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    National Conference Question

    This is my first year at PC and I am going to Conference. I bought airfare just the other day! I am really excited about going.
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    Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cake

    THANK YOU THANK YOU....You just saved my day. I really appreciate it. :)
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    Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cake

    Does anyone have the recipe for the chocolate cherry skillet cake? I am doing it tonight and cant find my recipe book that has it in it. Thanks so much.
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    Girl Scouts

    I have a hostess that would like to do a show with her girl scout troop and their mothers. I believe the girls are about 13-15 years old. She kind of wants them to do the invitations and the planning...which is great. She also was hoping that I could have 2 of the girls as helpers. Any...