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    Mexican Theme/Taco Bar

    Thanks to ALL! I am going to have a taco bar and make the taco ring for the kids. Also making the family sized burritoes. We are having a pinata and birthday cake (it is my 5 year old daughter's birthday and my son is turning 1). I am really looking forward to it. I thought a taco thing...
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    Mexican Theme/Taco Bar

    Great ideas! Thank you very much! :)
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    What was your highest fundraiser?

    WOW! :eek: How does one approach the schools, churches, and large organizations to do a fundraiser? I wouldn't even know who to talk to or what to say to entice them? I host a HWC fundraiser at my home each May but never have gone over $2,000 and would love to hold a larger fundraiser. Has...
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    Show Outline

    About 3 1/2 hours for me My shows typically last about 3.5 hours. It depends on my recipe and if I have chatty guests (or ones that are drinking). My problem is that I do my demo and try to get cleaned up/packed while guests taste and look at their catalogs but it seems like they are all...
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    Mexican Theme/Taco Bar

    Hi everyone I am just wondering if you lovely friends can give me some suggestions for a Taco Bar/Mexican Themed B-day party that I am hosting for family? I am not doing a PC show or anything, strictly a b-day party. I am thinking of having a Taco Bar and making the family sized baked...
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    Can't get host to send me check - HELP!

    Oh man! I have never had a host not pay me but it sounds like it is something that happens quite a bit. Here is what I do and SO FAR, it has worked out pretty well. I have guests write checks out to me. That way I don't have to wait to get the money from the hostess. I have the hostess...
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    Strawberry Amaretto Pastries

    Here is something that I did I made the pastries for an open house that I had. Instead of making 12 pastries I just cut into 24 squares that were smaller and everyone got their own little bite sized piece. I made each of our three new dessert recipes and everyone loved them.
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    Garage Sale Idea

    Great ideas everyone~ I never even thought about wearing my apron! GREAT! I will definately have to give it a try. I have to have a garage sale anyway to get rid of a ton of stuff and I might as well try to promote my business as well! Thanks everyone for your help! :D Have a great day...
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    Garage Sale Idea

    Hi there Has anyone done this before? I am looking for feedback. I am thinking of having a garage sale this spring/summer and wanted to try to promote my business. I am thinking of using the Pampered Chef bags to put purchases in. Then I am thinking of putting business cards in the bag or...
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    Great Ideas Show?

    Yeah! That is a great idea. It would get the guests involved and I could get rid of a lot of extra product that I have laying around. Thanks for the great idea!!!!! :D
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    Great Ideas Show?

    Thanks Linda! I just felt it may be a decent idea. I mentioned it at a show I had yesterday and everyone there thought it would be great. We will see! :)
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    Great Ideas Show?

    I was just sitting here thinking...you know how we (consultants) have SO MANY different ideas for uses with our products? We cannot cover everything at our shows. For example...the many different things you can cook in our mini fluted pan, ideas for SA, etc. I was thinking of doing some...
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    HUGE Recipe file!

    Thank You Rebecca! Rebecca~ A HUGE thank you to you for sharing with us! I appreciate it! Lisa :)
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    Do you use a booking binder?

    :D THANKS everyone for your help!!