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Recent content by NooraK

  1. NooraK

    Personal Entering Hospice

    I have not been on in quite a while, as I have not been an active consultant in a year and a half. A director from my former team has entered hospice care. You may have seen her, Laura Caldwell, she was in one of the Help Whip Cancer videos in the past few years (I don't remember if it was...
  2. NooraK

    Facebook "Fan of the Month...or Week"

    I had something like that on my page when it was still up. There is an app you can install and it automatically chooses someone who interacts with your page and posts it for you. I did not give prizes, I don't think it's within FB rules to do so.
  3. NooraK

    Facebook Cover Picture

    Search for The Frozen Chef. She has an album on her PC FB Page of just cover photos for consultants, and she updates them regularly.
  4. NooraK

    Contact me submission

    If they wanted to order, they could have just placed the order on the website...
  5. NooraK

    Deductions from commission?

    They won't take the deduction out of the mid-month. If you had a mid-month that paid you all your commission, you'll still get an EOM statement, but if there's no money paid out, there won't be anything to deduct from. Your statements should show each month's insurance deduction separately, and...
  6. NooraK

    Is shawnna nixon in trouble????

    Another thing to look into is two step authentication. I know GMail offers it. Whenever I sign into my GMail using a new computer or device, the system sends me a text with a code I have to put in before I can finish logging in.
  7. NooraK

    Is shawnna nixon in trouble????

    More than just spam. This is an actual scam in an attempt to get money from the victims' friends.
  8. NooraK

    Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in Deep Covered Baker

    Has anyone actually done this yet? Do they come out less fluffy than out of the oven? I'm concerned the microwave won't get the dough to rise like the oven does.
  9. NooraK

    What have you bought on Etsy?

    I bought a beard beanie for my brother for Christmas. It is a crocheted beanie with an attached crocheted beard to go over his face. He thought it was the best gift ever. :D
  10. NooraK

    I just LOVE Pampered Chef, but...

    Suggest they "upgrade" their things to Pampered Chef products, and donate the older ones to a needy cause.
  11. NooraK

    What was your very first...

    My first products were the New Consultant Kit in 2006. And I believe I still have all of them.
  12. NooraK

    Are you ready for some football?

    I was thinking about looking up pictures online and attempting something in that style, but not so detailed.
  13. NooraK

    Saving Money: big change jar

    I got a jar for the kids and some Disney character stickers. They decorated the jar with the stickers, and that's our savings for a Disney trip. We don't have a lot of cash useage in the house, but when we do have some random coins or dollar bills, we'll throw them in there. And sometimes the...
  14. NooraK

    What's the temp by you?

    It was 28 this morning as I drove to work. Coldest it has been all winter so far.
  15. NooraK

    Saving money: homemade laundry detergent

    I have the ingredients, and I'm waiting to use up my current stash of laundry detergent before making some.