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Recent content by morgieloo88

  1. morgieloo88

    Tangerine Ginger Sauce

    It's great rubbed on grilled fish or chicken that has been sprinkled with spicy tangerine rub.
  2. morgieloo88

    Substitute for apricot preserves?

    I make this dish in the crock pot all the time.. One of my favorites. Let us know how it went!
  3. morgieloo88

    Tell me about the new Roaster and Glass Lid

    One of the negatives for this product is that the majority of things I can think to cook in it take much longer than a normal demo at a party would take. Like roasts, mashed potatoes, etc.
  4. morgieloo88

    Out door Brunch theme show ideas?

    Showcase a fruit salsa in the MFP and serve with sweetened cinnamon pita chips. Could also do a morning punch in the QSP.
  5. morgieloo88

    50 Shades party?

    I loved the books and we had so much fun at my book club discussing! Meals they had that I can remember: Spanish omelette, chicken salad, oysters (lol, had to mention). I think I would go the wine and dessert route and focus on how to make a romantic dessert or main dish.
  6. morgieloo88

    SS catalogs

    Chef J how many do you need? I have an unopened pack I can sell you for $14 + shipping.
  7. morgieloo88

    Spring Launch 2013

    Tampa February 2 is what a teammate told me for Florida.
  8. morgieloo88

    Registries... How are you doing them now?

    Thanks for your responses. I like the idea of doing a wish list on my website that I can continuously update.
  9. morgieloo88

    Buying a wedding gift

    I like doing pizza sets.. Large round stone, pizza cutter, garlic slicer and press, italian herb seasoning, and pizza crust set. I would throw in a cookbook too.
  10. morgieloo88

    Registries... How are you doing them now?

    I have a host interested in doing a bridal registry, but since the new one isn't up yet I wanted to see what others here are doing for brides to get products they want. Any suggestions? TIA!
  11. morgieloo88

    For Sale - Spring/Summer Catalogs

    I have two packs to sell as well. Do you mind telling me what shipping method you used?
  12. morgieloo88

    Mix & Masher

    I use it most when making pan sauces in nonstick cookware. The best use I have found is mashing bananas for banana bread.
  13. morgieloo88

    Micro Cooker

    I use mine every single day to make old fashioned oatmeal in the microwave in 4-5 minutes. It saves me so much time and helps me have a healthy breakfast!
  14. morgieloo88

    What products do you suggest to...

    I sell a lot of round covered bakers to older women that live by themselves. I always use the DCB at my shows and I always bring the round covered baker. I've had most success with making fajitas or pork tenderloin in the DCB and selling RCB by just telling them to do half the amount (vs grilled...
  15. morgieloo88

    Other DS was able to get parties booked

    I was at a premier party Wednesday and the consultant brought two guests up and said both of them have $50 to spend.. But Danielle decided to host a show and will get all this for $50 (she stacked jewelry boxes in her hands)... And Sad Sally didnt host and she will get this for $50 (and she had...