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Recent content by MichelleRoth

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    Discontinued Products Flyer

    Me too! I'd love the discontinued flyer too!! :) Please please!!! Thanks!
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    Canadian Catalogues

    I'm Guessing That because of the weight, it would be about $10.00 Let me know if you're interested. You can email me directly at [email protected] if you like Thanks! Michelle
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    Canadian Catalogues

    Hey all, Because I got a bit too excited about all of the November/December Shows I had, I got a bit carried away with the Catalogue Ordering. I have quite a few F/W Cats new in packaging W/O labels that I wouldn't mind getting rid of. Anyone need some? $20.00 for 50, plus shipping...
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    Does anyone have a banner that they are willing to part with, or would

    Yeah Unfortunately, I can't order from Merrill in Canada! What's it cost to order one from them in the US? Maybe I can have someone order one for me and send it over? Thanks! Michelle
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    How's your summer schedule??

    Much Better than Last Year! My summer is much better than my summer last year! I did double in June this year than I did last year. My July last year, I had one show, and had to do an open house to get people buying! :) But I still pulled off $1300 last year. This year, I am already at...
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    Does anyone have a banner that they are willing to part with, or would

    Does anyone have a banner that they are willing to part with, or would be willing to order one for me? I tend to do a lot of fairs, and this would be a great thing to have! Please email me at [email protected] if you can help! Thanks! Michelle
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    S/S Catalogues

    Does anyone need any Spring Summer 2006 Catalogues? I have lots left over!!! :) I will be needing some of them, but definately not all! Let me know! Email me at [email protected], and I'd be happy to work something out!
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    Visual impact web address?

    Ack!! I can't find the clearance section!!!!!!! Is it only for the US?? Please post the link if you can..... :) Thanks!
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    I Really Really Want

    Let me know Hi Jodi, Please let me know what you want for the new one. Or I can trade you for a stoneware tote if you're interested. Thanks! [email protected]
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    I Really Really Want

    Yes, Please Hi Marg, Yes, if you could email me a pic, that would be great! WHat do you want for it? Thanks! [email protected]
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    I Really Really Want

    Thanks!!! Rennea, you're awesome! Thank you so much! I hope your cluster pulls through!!! :) If not, thanks to all the others who have offered to buy it off the supply order for me. Let's hope Rennea's cluster pulls through, but if not, I will contact one of you to work out a deal for you...
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    I Really Really Want

    Hi Ladies! I REALLY want the consultant tote with the clear plastic front! I made a deal with another consultant on here who was supposed to ship one to me, but didn't. :*( I know you can earn it this month, but I have a HUGE cluster that has a lot of nearly inactive consultants, and so...
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    Hi Ladies! I really need the tote with the plastic front for a catalogue display. I had made a deal with another consultant on here who was going to ship it to me, and didn't, and I could cry! I want one SOOOO bad!!! Anyone have one for sale or trade? Please email me at...
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    Can anyone help me? :(

    I'll help Hi, I'd be willing to help, as well as donate the commission for it. Email me at [email protected] if you would like. Thanks! Michelle
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    Looking for 2x or 3x clothing

    Hi Ladies, I'm looking for 2x or 3x Pampered Chef clothing. I saw on here that someone had a fleece top, and really wanted something like that, but they haven't returned my inquiries. Please let me know if/what you have and your asking price? Thanks! Michelle :)