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    Thinking of quitting PC

    I know how you feel Jess Jess, I know exactly how you feel. I had been having personality problems with my director and when I went to conference, I ran into her director and we had dinner with a couple of other people and she spent time with me one on one to see how I was doing and I let her...
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    Tea Party

    I got this invitation off of another thread in Theme shows from Deb, the founder. I hope it helps! I am adding it tho my theme show binder! Ryan
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    Does anyone forget their lines???

    Nicole, Don't even worry about it. When I had my first show that wasn't for a family member(they never had friends over, just orders from catalogs but I would do as kitchen show cuz I'd do my show in front of them), I just let everyone know at the very beginning that this was my first show and...
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    Ice Breakers

    The present thing that was mentioned in the first post my director does something similar. She has a left right game and passes around bamboo spoon(s) depending on size of crowd and the person left holding it wins. If anyone wants the script, email me with spoon game in subject line and I will...
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    Tips and More tips

    one great idea that I got from a new million $ career clubber is to have sets of tips on different colored postcards and when you use a set at a show ex. green, then you know no to use the green cards at any shows booked from that one. This way people don't keep hearing the same tip over and...
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    What do I tell the customer!!!

    host getting the shaft I have been racking my brain for a while now and there are only a couple of things I can think of to help these ladies. First, is it a combo that is still a half price item? If it is, here is what you can do: When you hold your own open house show or have a bunch of...
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    The Microplane and Chef's Tongs

    I too didn't earn much in June. I did submit 2 shows before the 15th so I got the small package and so far these are great new items! I saw them at conference and couldn't wait to get them. I am waiting until end of Aug for hubby's bonus check so that I can get the rest of the new things. My...
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    Theme Show Binder

    If anyone is willing to share theme show ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. My business has been very slow lately (no shows in July) and I need some ways to increase my bookings for the fall and don't want everyone to see the same show. Email is [email protected] since I don't know if yahoo can...
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    NOT Doing So Well!! Getting Discouraged!

    I too used to be new and I would always make sure that people knew what show number I was on and that seemed to help because they were more forgiving and less critical of me. The first show I did outside of family was for a Mary Kay consultant and she had her recruiter there. After the show, her...