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    Brownie Tiramisu Trifle

    Here it is. Tiramisu Brownie Trifle ------------------------ Ingredients: 1 pkg (18-21 oz) fudge brownie mix (plus ingredients to make brownies) 1 container (16 oz) frozen whipped topping, thawed, divided 2 bars (1.45 oz each) dark chocolate candy, divided 1/2-1 cup coffee...
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    Personal I am getting married!

    Granted it has been 21 years that I have been married, but I do remember everything there is in planning a wedding. Me personally, I would put less into the church. I think church's are beautiful without having to go crazy decorating and adding a ton of flowers. Simple is better. I agree as...
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    Pictures of new products!

    Love the new stoneware and mega lifter! The cake server is very unique and fun.
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    Underwhelmed by new spring products

    I wasn't able to go to spring launch :cry: What is the MFP? I know they were making a huge deal about the must have, will change the way you cook new product. Have been racking my brain thinking what it could possibly be. :confused:
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    Price Changes and Retiring Products

    Sherry, after I clicked the links, it was still to small to print, but if you click it again then it turns into a full page to print. Hope that helps!
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    Price Changes and Retiring Products

    Thank you so much. I have a customer that is always ordering simple additions in the cranberry. I will give her a call. Nice to know the price increases too. Good incentive to book February shows before the cookware sets go up. I really appreciate you giving us the information. Maybe it is...
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    Urgent Figuring out how much Cool Whip

    I hate cool whip!!! :yuck: I always make my own whipped cream too. So so so much better. The whipped cream I make is a little different then the post above. I use the recipe from "The Cake Boss". Just heavy cream and granulated sugar. On occasion I will add a touch of vanilla.
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    Only a few guest

    I try host coaching but she won't follow up with her guests for a rsvp. Her feeling get hurt if they dont rsvp right away and never asks for outside orders. Her friends always say they have a good time but never want to have parties of there own. Most of her friends are somewhat frugal and don't...
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    Only a few guest

    This is the 4th show I have done for her in 2 years. She is a friend. It is just she rarely ever has outside orders. Nobody wants to book a party because they know she is going to do another one. And her last show, she told me she had the party for host special. But that was it. She basically...
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    Only a few guest

    Does anyone have a minimum guest # to keep a show? For an example, you wouldn't do a show if there were only 3-4 guests. I have a show tomorrow and there will be 4 guests, 3 of which are buying I am told. I am not going to cancel but I am really getting frustrated. I work hard at host coaching...
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    Did you see the Nate show today

    I thought she was very sweet and genuine. She obviously has a lot on her plate. Even though I am anal about organizing, it doesn't come naturally for others. I think she just needs some help. It is hard to ask for help and find the time to do it. Let's face it, we can all use a kick in the butt...
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    Letter to add to guests order

    I had a show last weekend that finally got me "out of my circle" with 8 guests. I am still waiting to close in a day or two. Even though I know everyone had a great time and loved the food, I know there were a lot of things I did not get a chance to say. :blushing: For an example, explain about...
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    Excited to go food shopping now!

    Even though I still carry my tote, I always have a PC cookbook with me, like I am shopping for certain ingredients. I am not, but thought it may spark a conversation. I will admit the mistake was not having the specials printed to hand out with the catalog. I kinda lost hope that anyone would...
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    Excited to go food shopping now!

    You would think carrying my PC tote bag at the grocery store several times a week I would get someone to notice. Once did a little old man say something, he caught me so off guard I didn't have much of a conversation. My goal is to get my February calendar booked big time. So when I walked by...
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    Contacts for newsletter

    I normally use tasty tidbits with icontact to send out my newsletter. I am going to try using the newsletter from PC and see how that works out. I have not been good with keeping my contact information under my contacts on CC (PWS) because I never thought I would need it. I have always manually...