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Recent content by Lisa S

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    Networking Group

    I have a friend in the Ft. Worth, TX (Keller) area that belongs to one of these networking groups. They are looking for a Pampered Chef person to join. I live in Wisconsin, so it would be a little far! :D If any of you down there are interested, let me know and I can have him contact you.
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    Theme Show Asian Theme

    I have a host who wants to do an Asian theme. Any suggestions?
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    Need P3 Help Please

    DUH! I am an idiot! So it took me a couple of days... but I finally figured it out. I am such an idiot! Illinois does NOT have s/h tax! Aaarrrggghhh! :D At least I now have a brain again! Thanks for your help everyone!
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    Need P3 Help Please

    Did that too... tried the auto tax rate, then the manual. I changed her address to mine in Racine and it calculated everything correctly with Racine tax. When I change it back to Zion, Il, everything goes haywire again. Guess I'll call HO Monday.
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    Need P3 Help Please

    Yep... everything is marked to ship to the host. The host's order is even calculating wrong. The only thing I can think of is that their master list is wrong at HO which means I will have to wait until Monday. Every other show is calculating correctly and I have never had a problem in the...
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    HWC Products

    Good news everyone... I just received my HWC stuff today via Fed Ex. Granted I live an hour north of the Home Office, so my stuff comes quickly, but it looks like they have shipped them!
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    Need P3 Help Please

    Alright... I am pretty computer literate and have been working on P3 for over a month. I added a new show today and started adding in orders. P3 is not calculating the tax right! It has it right on every show except this one. And yes, I have checked the tax rate listed. The show is Lake...
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    Theme Show I have to show . . .

    Thank you!!! Shannon, Thank you so much for your basket idea!!! I had already made my product wish list cards last January for my first shower, but was not happy with how I displayed them. I had put them on two foam core boards which took up more room than the host had to give. I have...
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    Apron sale doc

    Here you go! Just be sure to change my info to yours.
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    Need a Favor Please!

    I have a recruit lead who is very close to signing, but she has never been to a Kitchen Show! She never heard about PC until I met her when I was in California in the beginning of the month. I am trying to get her to sign before the Feb 28th deadline so she can earn the skillet. She is off...
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    2003 Classic Recipe Invitations

    The third recipe is the "Peachy Cheese Coffee Cake" with the cherry filling substituted. You can find the recipe in All the Best. I think you are correct on the other two recipes as well.
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    Thinking of Starting PC

    Stacy, A couple of things... 1.) You can host your first show yourself. You would be the consultant (and thus collect commission on the show) but you would also be the host. That way you earn the host benefits and you would be able to use those benefits for free and discounted products...
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    Thinking of Starting PC

    Stacy, Although you have a number of the products, there is a huge additional benefit to you having to buy the starter kit... you won't have to go digging through your cabinets looking for your tools! :) You will probably be able to keep your kit separate and ready to go whenever you have a...
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    Sales Need some creative thinkers please!

    Hi Everyone! I bought the very cute cookware notecards from Merrill at Leadership. I have this great idea that I am going to send on to every customer I have who has bought cookware from me. The problem is... I can't figure out what to write in them! It can't be too long, since it is...
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    Cluster incentive-Movies

    My director is using this starting this year. Since it has not been awarded yet, I have not seen how she is setting it up. However, she is planning on awarding anyone who submits 4 shows or more a month. We get popcorn and a card to Blockbuster video. You could easily put a gift card to...