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    Booking Bonus Question

    Another pc consultant in my cluster did a fundraiser told me that the organization get the $3.00 after the show is held, she held a fundraiser for her kids school($12,000):eek:
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    Need suggestions-memorial fundraiser?

    My son baseball league recently had a coach pass away :( leaving his wife and four kids in dire needs of community support, can I have a fundraiser in honor in him? And have the monies go to the family, I never held a fundraiser before and am not very familiar with pc guidelines in regards to...
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    Recipe Help!!

    Monica and Jodi Great recipes-I'm having a chocolate pc party next month and these all look yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! This site and it's members are wonderful! :p
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    Looking for tic tac dough

    Thanks Becky - exactly what I wanted!!!!!!!! :D
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    February Cookware Sales Flyer

    Great flyer! How about mentioning the cookware's guarantee on your flyer? :D
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    Looking for tic tac dough

    Can someone please help me? I am looking for the tic tac dough that went in the host packets. I can't find it, & I am looking for any incentives for the hostess to get outside orders prior to her order. Any suggestions would be helpful! :rolleyes:
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    [COLOR=Magenta][FONT=Georgia]Does anyone know where I can purchase lap

    Thanks kristi-just what I wanted and also they have alot of other items I needed too! :p
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    [COLOR=Magenta][FONT=Georgia]Does anyone know where I can purchase lap

    Does anyone know where I can purchase lap boards with the Pampered Chef Logos on them - Did a search on the internet with no avail. And also Thanks for being here it's great to know that we have such a strong support system when needed! :D
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    New Vendor?

    Linh66 The new vendor is Merrill Corporation, you can find that out on your weekly bites/under Leadership Summit 2006-click on spring 2006 special edition consultant news - page 16 has all the info for now - we should be recieving our copy in the mail around Jan. 30