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    Host Coaching Host Wants to Exchange Product ???

    I turned in a show last week and it was delivered on Friday. The hostess used one of her 1/2 Off Products for the Bamboo Cutting Board. She called to tell me she hasn't taken it out of the box and wants to know if she can exchange it for the simple additions striped rectangle and colored small...
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    Can you do

    I would most likely not have become as interested as a guest in The Pampered Chef (so probably would not have considered being a consultant) were it not for the cooking part. There are recipes for every skill level and yet all of them look like you really had to slave away at them. That is...
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    ? about ring preparation....

    My last few rings I did an inner ring with about four of the crescent rolls. It looked really cool and it didn't have that extra dough. It might help.
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    Theme Show Mexican Theme/Taco Bar

    Oh...add some salsa music (or fun La Cuceracha...Mexican Hat Dance) kind of stuff. Pinatas for hitting or decoration are cool. Cherry Lemon/Lime-ade in the QS Pitcher. Salsa and Chips...Nachos... Oh and how about a sugar cookie dusted with cinnamon sugar for dessert or is there a...
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    Bookings Did my first brunch today!

    Thanks Soonerchef for posting the recipe...sounds great and I like using the sectional for fruit and there is nothing better than the QS for OJ! Now I just need to book some brunches...!
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    Need An Easy Easy Recipe To Wow

    Strawberry Amaretto Squares. They are on the cover of the Spring/Summer '06 Seasons Best Cookbook and the recipe is in there and in the La Cucina Italiana folder and on the PC web site. These are as easy to make, but that puff pastry WOW's people. Another suggestion is the Rustic Foccacia.
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    Bookings Did my first brunch today!

    Could you please post the recipe for this? I did a search and can't find it and I don't have a cookbook called Main Dishes...maybe I should. Thanks, Linda
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    Cooking Show Times

    I'm new, but I would have to agree that the point of a cooking show is to cook. I am all in favor of "Prep" work prior to the show so the guests don't have to watch you slice 15 olives...butI can't even imagine having the nerve to ask for a $15.00 check because I prepared the recipe before...
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    Sales Who has received cups and squares?

    I submitted my second show this month on Tuesday this week and received my pink and whites today (Friday)...they are too cute!!!! I can't believe how fast that was!
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    Theme Show Wedding Registy - qualified???

    Yes, it's there now. It probably took a good 4+ business days before it showed up.
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    Bookings My Husband is Opposed......

    Why is it that a mother stays home or is at home with her children, but a father "baby-sits"...? I do not understand this. Regardless, it is probably not advisable to enter any venture that might have a negative effect on your home life. Shalom Bayit...(peace in the home)...is the most...
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    Paperwork/Supply Order Form

    On the supply order form there are three asterisks next to the Covered Sauce Pans and at the bottom (near the totaling columns) it shows ***Limit one per consultant. However, there is no asterisk(s) next to the rice cooker, delux mini-muffin pan, EAD, etc. Perhaps a call to the HO would...
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    What wave???

    Me too, I'm in wave 2! See y'all there... ...I'll be the one with red lipstick on my teeth, one curler in my hair and taking a picture of the guy with the shopping cart and Styrofoam cup! (I mis-spoke/wrote...I'm in wave 1)
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    Question about website name

    I believe you get to pick it completely as long as it is not already used.
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    Sales Small Gift

    Oh, I like that! What is your recipe for bath salts? I am definitely going to try this, just to set out at my shows on my "ideas" table. I do the chocolate kisses inside the mini whisk with curled ribbon.