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Recent content by ktate

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    "Healthy" booth Recipe

    Jane. Do serve the applesauce hot or cold? Thanks for the wonderful info. Kristy
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    Vista Prints Brochures

    Thanks Okay. I was wondering about that. Thanks for the info. Kristy
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    Vista Prints Brochures

    question I am computer illiterate!! Are you using the PC logo on these items? If so, how are you downloading them. I tried and it was really blurry. Thanks for your help.:confused: Kristy
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    Items for sale new current and SS `08

    Me too Just pmd you. thanks, Kristy
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    HUGE LOT of NEW items for $ale!!

    email you!! Just sent you an email. thanks, Kristy:)
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    Products For Sale

    Me too Please send me a list too. My email is [email protected] Thanks,:)
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    Food sticking to Santuko

    Thank you ladies. This will help to explain.:)
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    Food sticking to Santuko

    I have a customer that is complaining that food is sticking to her Santuko knife. I have had similiar problems. I thought the indentions were to keep food from sticking to it. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas? Thanks:yuck:
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    Who Has Wish List Pictures?

    Thanks a million Tasha, Thank you so much. I appreciate all your hard work.:) :) :D Kristy Tate
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    Need stoneware bowl recipes

    Thanks Lee Anne!!! :)
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    Need stoneware bowl recipes

    I have a customer that has the discontinued stoneware bowl and would like recipes for it. Does anyone have a recipe for this bowl? Thanks for you help. Kristy Tate Seligman, MO
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    Booking up for grabs/Spfd, MO

    I live 1 1/2 hours from Springfield. I would be glad to contact your friend. If you have not already found someone else. If not, please email me her information and I will contact her. Thanks. Kristy
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    Fall Flyer

    Thanks Please send me the flyer also. I love it. Thanks a bunch! :) Kristy Tate Seligman, MO [email protected]
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    Cookie Press problems

    Thanks Thanks for all your help. I have printed several things I will give to my customer. :) Kristy
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    Cookie Press problems

    I have a customer that has had terrible luck with her cookie press. She can't get the cookies to come out right. She has tried the PC recipes. She has tried chilling the dough and letting it get to room temperature. Any suggestions, or similiar problems? Thanks, Kristy Tate Seligman,MO