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Recent content by Kristen

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    Retired items for sale in US

    Hi jenniferlynne, Yes, the mugs are the white square ones.
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    Retired items for sale in US

    ***UPDATED BELOW*** Hi, I've got a few retired items for sale in the US. Prices do not include shipping from 95630. If you're interested in anything, please PM me for approximate shipping rates and payment information. Thanks! 1944 Small Bowl Caddy (no box, used for display only)...
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    What new products do you think will come out?

    Since the value of the new products is so high, I'm wondering if we might be getting some SA and Stoneware pieces in new colors. Hmm.....
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    June Sell-A-Thon

    It does seem a little overwhelming, BUT for the December Sell-a-Thon we had to sell $5000 to get $350 worth of free products. In June we only need to sell $3000 to get $350 worth of free products. As soon as I found out June was the Sell-a-Thon month, I started making my calls and now have TWO...
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    What new products do you think will come out?

    I agree with a lot of the other responses - stoneware garlic keeper/baker, salad spinner are two of the tops on my list. I also would like to see a nice French press (I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I heard these make the best coffee). One other thing I would LOVE to see is "skewer...
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    Raising money for soldiers' homecoming

    Thanks Donna! :)
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    Raising money for soldiers' homecoming

    I just got an email from someone who wants to raise money (several families involved) for a homecoming for their soldiers in the Army National Guard. What a cool thing to raise money for!! Anyway, don't I need to submit the fundraiser as an "organization" vs. an individual? Anyone know how I...
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    Thinking of Starting PC

    Hi Stacy, I sent you some more details in a private message, but yes, you do need to purchase the starter kit. I, too, had a lot of duplicates but I am now using them for raffle prizes and hostess gifts. I'd be happy to help answer any further questions you have. Please feel free to send me...
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    Oreo Truffles

    Does anyone know how many truffles this recipe makes? Also, can the truffles be dipped in chocolate melted in the microwave? I don't have the Double Boiler. Thanks!
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    Customer Care Calls

    Heather, what helped me is by opening the conversation saying, "I'm making some customer care calls this evening and just wanted to check in with you to see how you're enjoying your products..." That way your customer knows why you're calling and that it's not to try to sell you something. For...
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    Customer Care Calls

    It's so funny you mention this because I, too, have really just started to make customer care calls. I was always very hesitant to do so because when I first started my business I felt like I was always on the phone trying to get bookings and was very easily discouraged. But CCC are easy!! I...
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    New competition

    They found my email address from somewhere and tried to recruit me too. Thank goodness they never called me!
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    A bad situation...

    I think she can bake a package of crescent rolls on them and then throw them out. They should pull the soap out of the stone. Hopefully someone else can confirm this. :)
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    When do we find out May/June hostess specials?

    I'm not sure about the timing of finding out the May and June host specials, but she can put herself down as a future booking off of her own show now and can then change the date later if she wants to. BUT...her future show must be held within six months of this show. Hope that helps!
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    Host Appreciation Event

    Hi, I'd like to have a Host Appreciation Event in February to thank all of my hosts for their hospitality and for being such an important part of my business. I thought I'd post my ideas here, but I'd love more input on similar events you all may have done! I'd like to use the opportunity...