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    2 Step Fudge ASAP!!

    Thanks Kristi!!! Once again thanks so much for the quick response and advice! I haven't made this before - it sounded pretty easy, but you never know!! Sometimes it's those easy recipes that can get you in a bind! Thank you so much for helping me!! :)
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    2 Step Fudge ASAP!!

    Thank you so much Kristi!!! You are a lifesaver!! Do you know how long it takes to cool? I'm debating whether or not to make it at the show or before I get there.
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    2 Step Fudge ASAP!!

    I had a quick question if anyone knows - I am having another Desperate Housewives show tonight and the host just called and asked me about the two step fudge for tonight. I could have sworn on here that I read you can use the EAD. If I do use the EAD - how long will it take to chill? I don't...
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    Easy accent decorator

    WOW!! Thank you all so much for sharing those yummy recipes! Tis the season for lots of cookies and treats to frighten your dentist! :D
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    What's up with December?

    Great Idea! Lauren what a great idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I have a goal I want to meet for December (as I'm sure we all do considering the incentive!) and that will definitely help if all goes as planned. I know one of my scheduled hosts would LOVE to do this! Thanks again for...
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    I just got my starter kit!!!!

    fishy stones I also had a customer buy another stone because she used one to cook fish on and she said it took forever to get the fish smell out of it. I haven't tried cooking fish on any of my stones (we always grill our fish). I wonder if you have to soke it for awhile? I told her to try...
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    Need directions for Rice Cooker Plus ASAP!

    This always works for me 1 cup rice 2 cups water or chicken broth Put rice cooker in microwave for 15 minutes on 50% power. Stir, then put back in the microwave for 5 minutes on 100% power. Remember to warn her that it will be very hot!! I got these instructions from this site awhile...
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    Oven bags and the roasting pan

    I had a host from last month buy the roasting pan. She recently emailed me and asked if she could still use the oven bags and just place the turkey in the pan. Or will the bag melt? I wasn't sure so I thought of you all immediately. She said she has been using the oven bags for years and is...
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    Bad Shower

    I agree with Becky! Have the attendants and the bride call those who were invited and didn't come. And id you felt comfortable enough, you could help with phone calls as well. Outside orders really do add up quick!! Make sure the bride understands her benefits. Ask the bride to bring the...
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    Top 10 PC Items

    Thanks a bunch! Thank you all so much for your input! Sitting down and putting together a top 10 list can be hard - I love all the products and my top 10 selling itmes seem to be changing often so I figured I'd ask you for some input! Once again THANK YOU!! :D :D
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    Is anyone else having a problem signing on to CC tonight or is it just

    I was able to sign on just fine - but it was alittle slower than usual. I gave it a try a few minutes ago. I hate those bad days with your computer! I totally agree it really is a love/hate relationship!! :rolleyes:
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    Top 10 PC Items

    Hi Ladies - I need your opinions on what you think the most popular items PC are. I am putting a top 10 list together to help newbies and people not too familiar with PC. I am doing a fundraiser tomorrow - sort of like an express show for a bunch of soldiers Christmas shopping for...
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    A place to BRAG!!!

    My First $1000 show! Good Job Everyone!! Isn't it great when you reach a goal!!! I too have to brag...I just submitted my first $1000 show tonight!!!! This is the first time she has hosted a PC show, but has been to many shows before. Anyway, she wants to host again in January!!! I am so...
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    Not so good attempt with a wreath! Help!

    You'll get the hang of it! You can't be good at everything you do for the first time! My first wreath didn't turn out that pretty - since then they have improved greatly! And I agree, the rings are alittle easier. Just keep practicing! :D GOOD LUCK!!
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    Football food

    Thank you so much! ;)