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Recent content by kitchen queen

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    Thank You for web order

    what to give her... How about call her & tell her she can spend X amount of dollars from the catalog? Let her choose. Then, set her up as a party for the whole month of November on your website...anyone she recommends, have then order under her name. Then, she gets even more free stuff...
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    Really discouraged

    an idea I always try to make it a game with my hosts. I like to challenge them to get more bookings from their show than I do. If they tell me the names of the people who want to book before I get to the show & then I get less bookings than they did..sometimes I will offer to pay their tax or...
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    Phone book cold calls?

    you could try... Jennifer~ If you have a church directory at your church, you could call from there. You could say, "Hi, I'm Jennifer. I go to XXXXX church with you...."
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    1 year anniversary!?

    Beth, Beth, Beth What incredible ideas you always seem to have! Thank you so very much.
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    Rice Cooker Cake?

    cornbread I used the Jiffy cornbread mix. I added exactly what it called for in the Rice cooker. I stirred it all up in the Rice Cooker & then let it set for 4 minutes. Then, I baked it on high for 5 1/2 minutes. It came out great. You, of course, will need to adjust times according to...
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    Rice Cooker Cake?

    versitile rice cooker Okay...so my lid doesn't snap back in, but the rice cooker still works perfectly!! I decided I wanted to see what else my rice cooker could do...so I made corn bread in it for dinner. (It was fluffy & fabulous.) Then I washed it out, let it cool and made another cake...
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    Rice Cooker Cake?

    fabulous recipe..BUT I was reading posts on this site to get some last minute ideas for my show tonight...when I saw the posting about the cake in the Rice cooker. I was soooo excited. I told my host tonight about what I had read. She wanted to try it. We made it and I sold a few rice...
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    Need some input

    I think Sunday afternoons are great! I have had great luck with my Sunday shows that start around 2p.m. People really seem relaxed and happy when they come to those shows. They are feeling good from going to church & they usually have just eaten a nice meal.
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    Fall Bookings

    I'm there My first super starter month was May of this year. So, in June of this year, I booked many more parties than I had hoped to have. With my cancellation, I was still able to hit $4000 in sales. I also got 19 parties booked for the fall from my June shows.....definately try overbooking!!
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    Increasing my party average

    i think i'll try it I think I will try mailing out the invitations for my hosts in August & see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the great tips!
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    The Demo Part

    a typical show Sarah~ (Remember...a lot of preparation/host coaching has happened before you get to this stage.) You go into your hosts home & set up your product and prep the food you are going to prepare. Visit with your host and make him/her at ease about the party. Remind them that...
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    50/50 Board

    sales w/ or w/o tax Okay...so is if $50 before or after s&h & tax?
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    Deluxe Cheese Grater Solutions!!

    I'm soooo confused I had always been told that the pre-shredded cheese was covered with a light wax coating to keep it from clumping in the bag. Maybe I just need to go and do some hard core research to find the answers.
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    My friennd in AZ said she will have a book party!! She did pc for

    possible recruit Mackailey~ I'm thinking your friend in AZ would be a great addition to your team!!
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    Increasing my party average

    Hello everyone! I am in need of some help and guidance. I would like to work on increasing my show sales average so I can work smarter not harder. My current show average is $448. (This includes a couple of catalog shows.) I know one of the main keys is host coaching...and I can...