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    Lots of Disc. Products for Sale!

    Stoneware trivet Hi Cathy It was me looking for the stoneware trivets! Thanks Janet for remembering! Cathy I PM'd you.
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    9x13 expandable holder

    PC used to make a 9x13 expandable holder out of wood for Stoneware. Does anyone have one for sale? I cannot tell you how long ago it was that they sold it. It is not the holder of stoneware that you put on your cupboard. It was probably before the woven basket holders. Please PM me if you know...
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    Yikes! What do I say?

    As with all of them As with all fundraisers you do not have to buy anything. Donate the $100.00 if she feels so strongly. Had a fundraiser this weekend and only one person wanted to piggyback with the shipping and handling with the chair person.
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    OK I thought he couldn't but he did

    Thanks Well I am going to try and return- We will see where the ball bounces!
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    OK I thought he couldn't but he did

    OK I thought the hubby would not be able to wreck my Executive cookware 2 qt pan and he didn't pass the test. Woke up to smoke throughout the whole house last night at 1:00 am. Seems he fell asleep while trying to rewarm(yeah right), the hot dogs I had left in the pan with water on the...
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    Avoiding Inactive Status

    The time frame Word of caution on the inactive- They go by Consecutive Months. I had $220.00 in December that I submitted near the end of the month- None in January, Then I had $153.90 in February, $1500( first of march I submitted the show) in March. I went inactive at the end of Ferbaury (one...
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    How many work full-time also?

    I work full time besides being a wife and Mother. I also do partylite besides pampered chef.:eek: . I must be nuts
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    Who Has Wish List Pictures?

    A big Thank you Thank you- I have a bridal shower in two weeks (my first). This helped me out tremendously! THANK YOU!:)
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    Who Has Wish List Pictures?

    What size? What size cards did you use to print them out on???/ Business cards?
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    Geico commercials

    The Caveman- And did you notice they started the campaign by running those out of order -the one where it is so easy a caveman can do it. Man I almost died with the airport one. Just his body expressions and his face. It was hilarious.
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    Mix N' Chop...is it next for Stop Sell???

    Try spraying it with a little pam first.
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    Bridal shower

    Thanks Thanks Debbie! The mother of the bride already has invites but I think I can fit that on a business card I was going to put in with it. Thank you again!
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    Bridal shower

    Similar situation I am in a similar situation but the bride does not know about the shower so she is not registered nor does she have a wish list. My Dilema- Does any one know what would be appropriate to say in the invite> I have " We will be having Pampered Chef and Partylite on hand for...
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    Just curious....How many people on here are full time consultants or

    Let's see here. I work Full time at a job I love. Senior customer service manager for an Ice cream ingredients company. I do pampered chef and partylite part time. Full time Mom and Wife and right now part time remodeler for our house. Can we say NUTS!
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    Happy Birthday Valky!!!!

    Happy Birthday- What a great day to have a birthday!