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  1. KHocutt

    Cookware stain question

    me too I had this happen to my 8" saute Executive pan. I sent it back for replacement. On the first use with the new one I had spots again...I dont know if this is a defect or what...it hasnt happened with any of my other Executive cookware though.:(
  2. KHocutt

    July Newsletter

    mailing or emailing? Scott, Are you mailing your newletter's to all of your customers? or do you email. The opening of the newsletter let me to believe it is mailed. If you are, how expensive is it and how many copies do you mail each month? *also, if emailed, be sure to delete pages 2...
  3. KHocutt

    Chatty Kathy's

    get close Another thing that will help, as the group gets louder and louder, walk toward them, the closer you get to people and invade their personal space the closer attention they pay you. Even if you have to stay in their midst to get a point across. Good luck
  4. KHocutt

    Golden Nest Egg- recruiting idea

    great perspective Heather, that is a great idea. It's always nice to find different things that may appeal to people. Not everyone does this for the products. (ha) But I am definately going to try to incorporate this into my "recruiting commercial". Thanks for the idea.:)
  5. KHocutt

    ISO Charms

    Does anyone have any "extra" charms for the Italian Charm Bracelet from fall 2005? I have the stoneware charm and Round-up charm. Would love to have more. (I signed in Sept., so only caught the tail end of the promotion) Please email me if you do....and thanks in advance!
  6. KHocutt

    First recruit

    Congrats Rachel that is so GREAT!!! I know how excited you are since I had signed my first in February. And it gets even better when you sign your second one, like I did in March. You are off to a great start, keep the momentum going. You could totally get the 3 for me in April!:D...
  7. KHocutt

    Hi guys!

    here I come Chicago! Rooms have been reserved...plane tickets purchased...now I just have to wait til the 17th to register!!! I cant wait! This will be my first Nat. Conf. and I'm soooooo excited. Is it July yet?:D
  8. KHocutt

    Guest wants to "pre order" baster bottle?

    hold the order I too have had a LOT of people ordering the basting bottle and the Silicone brush. I'm just holding the orders til May 1st then I'll put them all on one order and save on the shipping!:) They distribute them to the appropriate guests or hosts.
  9. KHocutt

    In competition with Southern Living

    tax on FREE? I hosted a SLAH catalog show in January. The consultant works at my bank and she had agreed to do a show for me in March. (Which was a really good show!) Since it was double points I couldnt turn it down. I earned about $150 in free stuff and had purchased the host special as...
  10. KHocutt

    Ever heard of...

    thanks Thanks Lee Anne! You are a life saver!:)
  11. KHocutt

    Ever heard of...

    I have a host for Friday night that wants me to make Spinach Diamond Puffs. Does anyone have this recipe? Thanks for the help.
  12. KHocutt

    Surprised by Host

    I normally set a goal for myself at each one of my shows. I tend to base the goal on how excited the host is about the show, how many invitations were sent out and what I think her demographic will be at the show. Normally I can get pretty close, I have had some with a high goal that ended...
  13. KHocutt

    New Consultant with Fundraiser in 3 weeks!!

    fundraiser Congrat's on your fundraiser. You would do this like a "normal" show, the "host" would have guests write checks to you or her, you would enter the organization's name in PP and Pampered Chef sends a check to the organization. (can't be an individual) *Just be sure to enter it as a...
  14. KHocutt

    How long do you...

    thanks That's pretty much what I needed to hear. I do backup all of my PP info, so I think I'll be having a "cleaning" day pretty soon. Thanks for the advise!:)
  15. KHocutt

    How long do you...

    How long does everyone keep the orders from the shows that you submit. I've been a consultant for 7 months and the drawer that I keep my individual show folders in is starting to get full. I asked my director and she has kept all of hers since her very first show. Is that the norm? Is there...