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  1. kcmckay

    Ice Cream Party Ideas?

    I have a host that wants to do an Ice Cream party next Sunday. She requested a demo with the ice cream maker, I don't have one but am borrowing one from someone. I read up on it a little and see it takes a little bit so I already suggested to her, that she has store bought ice cream and have the...
  2. kcmckay

    How to access show page or get to live chat

    I'm trying to set up a show which I've already done. However it won't let me get to any of the tabs to the right of show info. I want to get to show page but can't, it's all grayed out and I don't know why. I thought there was a way to live chat with someone at home office but I can't figure...
  3. kcmckay

    Help how to convert orders

    I know I saw when poking around website how to convert show orders to individual orders and now I can't find it. I need to do that ASAP and have no idea how. Can anyone advise please??? Thanks
  4. kcmckay

    Recipe Card Template for Fairs

    I looked in files, but couldn't find anything current or editable. I would like to make/print some recipe cards I can give out at Vendor fairs. I have 3 in a row the next 3 Saturdays. I will try to make my own, but I'm not good at that kind of stuff so any assistance would be greatly...
  5. kcmckay

    Need some insight quick

    Hi, I am doing a vendor fair tomorrow and it's been awhile. I was a consultant from 07-12 and rejoined in January this year. This is my first booth in a long time. I know the basics and I'm all set with that and pretty sure I'm good with products I'm bringing to display. But looking for...
  6. kcmckay

    I'm a 'New' Returning Consultant

    Hi all, I have just recently rejoined PC. I was a consultant from 2007-2012. After getting laid off from my FT job, my heart wasn't in The Pampered Chef, as I thought it would be and I took some time away. I started doing another DS business, that started strong but then fizzled for many...
  7. kcmckay

    Size Large and extra large logo wear

    Are you still looking I have a few XL things I'm selling
  8. kcmckay

    Bags & Products for Sale

    Hi there, I've been cleaning out my closets and have a few things I don't need most are discontinued. I have a couple of current items. If interested in anything please email me at [email protected] I do not get on here often and email is better. Shipping will be determined by where and what...
  9. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    Replying to bump as I've added some items to the thread and to promote that my list of current items has grown as well so even if I've already sent it there are some new things available. Thanks for shopping!
  10. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    I've updated the list on the thread if you'd like the list not on here either email me at [email protected] or tell me the email to send it to.
  11. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    Sorry they have sold I've been bad about getting on here to get it updated since I've started working again.
  12. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    I do believe I've sent the list of items to everyone that has requested them. Let me know if I missed you. I also just want to point out that the list in original posting shows what I have available. As things sell I delete them instead of cluttering it up with sold etc. I just make a note if I...
  13. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    bumping for a few updates
  14. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    Just bumping for those that may not have seen
  15. kcmckay

    Going out Of Business Sale! Lots of supplies!!

    I'm not sure what you mean by that? I have what's listed in the thread and I have some current products that I'm selling that are gently or barely used for the most part.