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    Dimensions of Mothers Day Market Tote

    thanks so much. I appreciate this so much.
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    Dimensions of Mothers Day Market Tote

    Does anyone have or can measure the mothers day market tote for me? I have a customer who wants to order one but needs the dimensions first. I do not have this so I can not measure myself otherwise I would. Thanks in advance. Kayleigh
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    I am getting all my information together for taxes and I came across a

    I am getting all my information together for taxes and I came across a thought. I read somewhere on here about the pretty in pleats bags that someone was going to write off as advertising for their business. So this got me thinking. For example, we earned the MFP in Feb from the Dec 2012...
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    Prayers please

    I just wanted to give everyone an update. The prayers are working. I have been "dedicated" to exercise and better food choices then I ever have. To date I have lost 6.5 lbs. I know that doesnt seem like alot but I can feel the difference. I also got a new physician and see him on Friday for...
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    Can someone help

    Thanks for the help. I was at work and unable to look online. Thanks.
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    Can someone help

    Sorry to be a pain, Im at work and dont have the replacement information with me. Can someone help me out. I need to know how much the replacement lid for the trifle bowl is. Thanks Kayleigh
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    Prayers please

    Thanks for all the kind replies. It is a very emotional journey and I am glad to know I am not the only one on this road or that some of you have been down it too. This disease consumes you and every aspect of your life, for those who have it or know someone who does, you know exactly what I...
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    Prayers please

    I have checked out alot of websites that deal with PCOS and infertility. I have found that I soak up way too much information which starts to consume me. This is what happened with we first tried. Its a great idea but if something works for someone I find myself becoming desperate and will...
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    Customer Care Calls done by the way the customers choose?

    Do you have a special form that you use to collect this information?
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    Prayers please

    To make a very long story short, I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which makes conceiving a child naturally harder than those who do not have the syndrome. Most with this disease are not able to conceive naturally and need the expensive help of fertility treatments...
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    PC Dollars

    Pampered Chef dollars are like "cash" that can be used to purchase products, paperwork supplies, etc. Awesome job on qualifying in your first 30 days
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    PWS newsletter sent to "opt out" customer

    I also have this same problem! I dont know what the reason is really, but I see an increase in Opt Out emails if I send more than the monthly newsletter. I also have had this happen to me, with people receiving the emails when they have requested to opt out. I dont know what I did to fix it...
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    Online Activity

    Wow!! I also had an online order this last week with no notification, I went into Consultant Connection and saw I had sales which was not from me, so I clicked on info and saw it was a an online order. I have no idea who this person was, I am not complaining it would have been nice to know...
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    What kind of special things do you do before Christmas? I'm doing a

    Re: Christmas I am interested to know more about the Holiday dash for cash... explain.. :)
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    2 Kit Nappers in 1st 30 days

    I have had this happen befcore too. Most will be upfront about planning to buy the kit and do nothing with it. I always tell them they must qualify by submitting $1250 in sales (which is says in the fine print) or they will be charged the full amount. I know Pampered Chef wont do that but I...