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    Gift Packet Brochure

    You're all fabulous. I've learned so much from you all and love it more when you share these types of ideas, since I know how to format them in my mind, not so good on doing it on the computer.
  2. Kathie's Kitchen

    ....I can't find the postcard referred to in the files section for

    Re: Help.... Scott - I tried there first. I may be having a severe senior moment. I'm still kinda new and this will be my first wedding registry too.
  3. Kathie's Kitchen

    A third SA plate option

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Kathie's Kitchen

    ....I can't find the postcard referred to in the files section for

    ....I can't find the postcard referred to in the files section for Wedding Registry. There is a letter for Bridal Showers I found on here and it refers to an informational postcard. Thanks y'all in advance.
  5. Kathie's Kitchen

    Mini Catty Flyer?

    Thank you ladies. You all are soo talented.
  6. Kathie's Kitchen

    Do you provide the ingredients for the show recipe?

    Thanks for all the helpful hints. I will be trying the reimbursement avenue for my next show since my last few shows I got the "surprise" ingredients.
  7. Kathie's Kitchen

    Chipped Trifle Bowl

    I'm sorry you all have had damaged items at your shows. On the bright side, you didn't have your stuff stolen. I had all my stuff together...dirty and someone at the show stole several items from me.
  8. Kathie's Kitchen

    Uses for the new rubs.....

    This would be great to have. Please share with all of us. Thanks in advance.
  9. Kathie's Kitchen

    Microwave recipes for round stones?

    I love my small round stone. I use it in the microwave and my toaster oven.
  10. Kathie's Kitchen

    Uses for the new rubs.....

    If you are trying to reduce your salt intake the Greek Rub is a great substitute. I used it in the place of salt in the Creamy One Pot Pasta dish for a large group and they didn't know the difference. I did however add a pinch of salt to the pasta water while cooking.
  11. Kathie's Kitchen

    Does anyone have any good recipes using the Mico-Cooker? I have a

    Re: Mico-Cooker I put my micro cookers and easy read measuring cups in the dishwasher and our products rock. They come through the wash cycle great. Thanks for the suggestions for other foods. I make mashed potatoes in mine. Cube the potatoes, add some salt and cook for 10-20 minutes...
  12. Kathie's Kitchen

    Toaster oven recipes?

    I have a toaster/convection oven that holds a 12" pizza pan (came with it) and I love it. What I've done is take the PC recipes and use a recipe calculator to cut them in half so I can put them in the toaster oven. This way I have leftovers but not an over abundance....(PS I'm single).
  13. Kathie's Kitchen

    Carrying the Catalog Tote

    The red PC tote is larger than the ribbon tote and catalog tote, so if you need a diaper bag and want to promote your business then I think you'll find it handy along with the advice from chefann about using a letter size coupon holder to keep your PC paperwork neat. I would also suggest that...
  14. Kathie's Kitchen

    Quick flyer I did for Nov. stone special

    Ladies - thanks so much for making these flyers. I corrected the spelling and will be handing them out.
  15. Kathie's Kitchen

    Trick or treat- too old?

    I agree with you Cathy. I don't think an age should be attached to it. I've given candy to adults that are dressed up since they gave their effort to dress up.