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Recent content by katem51

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    Easy Fudge

    I cannot for the life of me remember the quanities for the fudge made with frosting and chocolate chips. Is it one can of frosting to one 12 oz bag of chips?
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    Order New Product/Supplies?

    I've been pretty inactive. If I remember correctly, I won't get a change over kit or be able to order any new fall products. Is that right? It's really too bad since I'd like to try to get my business going again, but I probably can't afford to start up paying full price. Any ideas?
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    Super Swat .... WHAT?

    I always sold a lot of them when they were in the catalog. I'm thrilled to see it come back
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    Where do you get your business cards?

    I agree with Jane. Can't beat Vista Print for price and lots to choose from.
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    Urgent Is This true?

    I emailed "her" back and said I'd forwarded all her information to the FBI.
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    Have you ever bled at a show?

    I cut myself at a show a few years back on the Ultimate Mandolin (old style.) Totally my fault .... not using the food holder. Lucky no blood got into the food. Host finished recipe for me, provided band aids etc. After the show I decided I should get it looked at. Too late for the walk in...
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    Too good to be true??

    I've had two very similar emails. Definite scam!
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    Food Art

    Wow beautiful pics! thanks for sharing.
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    Do you think this email is a scam?

    Just got what I'm pretty sure is my first scam contact from my website. Don't know the name, area code not from my home state. Emailed her back that she'd have to further identify herself or I'd assume she is a scam artist. The name was Jessica Knapp with a 408 area code.
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    What are a couple of your Favorite Current TV shows?

    I forgot the Biggest Loser, Judge Judy, Dr Oz, The Voice (when it's on) Big Fat Gypsy Wedding; NY ER;
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    What are a couple of your Favorite Current TV shows?

    Love Love Love Downton Abbey on PBS. But after that I am so hooked (and horrified by) Hoarding, Buried Alive; all the RH shows except Miami; House Hunters International; Intervention, just to name a few. I need to work on getting some bookings so I won't have time to watch so much TV!
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    Batter Dispenser Would be a Nice New Product

    Hey KG, I'd really like to order one of those dispensers you shared the picture of; can you provide the website to order it from?
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    I'm not seeing these on CC yet. Anyone receive one or tell me where

    I'm not seeing these on CC yet. Anyone receive one or tell me where to find it?
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    What's wrong with Christmas?

    I'm a Christian too but I don't like it when people refer to the USofA as a Christian country. As Cathy said, this country was founded to be inclusive to all religions and to protect the rights of citizens to practice ANY religion or even NO religion. Be thankful for our freedoms. Don't diss...
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    Thinking about leaving...

    Even though my kids were older when I started doing PC, I know where you're coming from. Lots of men are pretty self centered and not that supportive of the wife's activities. Does your director make herself available for one on one support time with you? Would that be an option? Like make a...