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  1. Karo

    Pampered Chef Dots Simple +

    ISO Simple Addition DOTS dinnerware to complete my set. I know it's been a while, but if you have a few I might be interested in purchasing them. Searching for bowls and salad plates... I mix and match the dinner plates with the square cranberries, but need the bowls and salad plates if I can...
  2. Karo

    Why I'm leaving Pampered Chef

    I do not like supporting companies that promote things with profits made from my money, and so I tell them why I do not purchase or recommend that others purchase from them. However, Berkshire Hathaway has, because Doris Christopher pointed this conflict out to Buffett, stopped donating to PP...
  3. Karo

    Stoneware Seasoning

    For people who are picky - and there are many - about how their seasoned stones look, this is what I tell them. I have a 3 year old DCB that looks new. It is smooth on the inside so you know it is seasoned, but there are no stains on the unglazed stone. I clean my stones with BAKING SODA...
  4. Karo

    Advice on this old product needed

    She was braising some meat in it? Can you even DO that with our stoneware? I thought that was something the RockCrok was created to address?
  5. Karo

    RockCrok Recipes

    Chicken Pasta in RockCrok I LOVE the recipe... but worry about putting the pan in the microwave without something covering the bottom. Isn't this the only caution about this pan? We are not supposed to let it heat 'dry spots' for danger of cracking the coating.
  6. Karo

    Need a Bridal Shower activity that is NOT a game.

    I brought pre-made white sheet cakes in bar pans to the shower along with our biscuit cutter set and some icing and decorating tools. The guests formed three "teams" to create mini wedding cakes out of those sheet cakes. There was much giggling as the cakes were being created... then the...
  7. Karo

    Some Booth Ideas & Photos

    The wire baskets were really hard for me to put up the first time too. But if you follow the instructions and practice with them a bit, when you are not under time pressure to get something up, you will figure it out as I did. The wires are tight fitting into the connector knobs, but that is...
  8. Karo

    Some Booth Ideas & Photos

    Sorry to be so long answering this... this is my 7th year doing this event and my display here is 3-4 times the size of anything else I do anywhere else. I am the only vendor of my kind here (BIG corporate sponsors are everywhere) and I am trying to draw the eye as well as focus on the...
  9. Karo

    Some Booth Ideas & Photos

    I have found these wire baskets (used to hold sports items in garages and kids closets) to be great for my tables. They lift the eye and expand what I can display on a small table. You can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Home Depot/Lowes. 2013 update - adding my photo from this year's...
  10. Karo

    I have a dilemma

    I'd be tempted in incentivise your first crowd to return near Christmas. Give attendees who purchase at your first show an invite to your second 'Holiday Cookie Whatever'... tell them as a thank you for attending this show that you will show them how easy holiday cookies can be. If they come...
  11. Karo

    Bridal Booths

    When there were 2-3 of us working a booth at a rather large Taste of _____ Chamber event, I made up 'wedding bouquets' with some of our tools, wedding ribbons and silk flowers and had different consultants go through the event handing out recipes and cards with our booth number on it. They also...
  12. Karo

    Hardest thing about PC?

    While I realize the phone can be big and hairy at times (I've been temped to add fake fur to mine...:eek:) it IS the lifeline of our business. If we can stop projecting our own fears on to the people we call and see ourselves as first and foremost SERVICE people rather than Sales, this is key...
  13. Karo

    Where to get crates?

    :thumbdown: I would NOT go with crates - I only use my original PC kit crate to haul stuff there and (IF there's room) use it to elevate some of my display. Instead I use wire boxes [see booth photos in this topic category) that are designed to hold sports stuff in your garage. They are...
  14. Karo

    PIctures of Booths

    Seems like all I have been doing of late is booths and at the ones I've done in the past, I counted myself lucky to get names, emails and booking info on my drawing slips. This year I have buyers everywhere. Go figure. I am NOT complaining. But I do get many compliments on my displays...
  15. Karo

    Spinach Carbonara Pizza recipe?

    It's on page 21 of the Fall 2008 Seasons Best... you ARE busy! ;0