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Recent content by julia.poe

  1. J

    FS PC Wear Different Sizes

    Yep,all three things in the PDF above is available. Then I have something I can e-mail you with Current and discontinued items.
  2. J

    ISO Mandoline-OLD STYLE

    I had one too until I sliced the side of my nail off then I threw it away. Man I wish I kept it, it looks like quite a few are looking for it.
  3. J

    FS PC Wear Different Sizes

    I am hanging up my apron. I have a list of current and discontinued items I would like to sell. Please e-mail me at [email protected] and I can e-mail you a list. Everything is barely used. These things were used to demonstrate in my shows only. Also, here is a PDF of apparel items I am...
  4. J

    Cleaning out the closet!

    I am interested in the BBQ Set. What would the cost be plus shipping to 45040
  5. J

    Question about Sales Levels to be submitted.

    Okay, I am confused. I know with the new career plan the sales levels you have to submit have changed. I have not submitted ANYTHING since May. So, in the old plan, I would go inactive the end of July and loose the 2%. With the new plan I know there is something about not submitting anything...
  6. J

    ISO Mini catalogs

    I have some but they have my labels on the back you would have to cover.
  7. J

    True Confession - I'm Addicted To Costco.

    I also do not know if you have the Costco AmEx card. We have the executive card which normally gives you a 3% rebate on some items. Then you get the Costco rebate so you get two different rebates. I also just found out that Costco will let you put PC as a business on your AmEx card which...
  8. J

    Cant get a hold of this one gal to book her show and she also wanted

    Re: Hlep!!!! try 411.com or phonebook.com
  9. J

    Odd request...Don't Forget the Lyrics

    I have you covered.....PM me your e-mail address and I can e-mail you the pictures. I am watching the show now.
  10. J

    Urgent PC Scam

    Hi All- I received this today from my director and I thought I would pass this along: Hello all, I thought I would share with you all an interesting email I received yesterday. I didn’t want to forward the email on just in case it contained viruses or other nasty stuff, but here’s the...
  11. J

    FS - lots of retired stuff

    Do you still have the patriotic tablecloth for sale? How much would shipping be to 45040?
  12. J

    Good Chapter Books for boys?

    We love Junie B Jones and Judy Moody.
  13. J

    Is this a violation?

    I was recently invited to share recipes with the neighborhood home builders association. I called Test Kitchens to make sure I was not doing anything illegal. The lady from test kitchens said we are able to use their recipes only if we give PC credit for the recipe as well as the source of...
  14. J

    Houseparty.com - question for you who have hosted

    Woohoo!! Got my party kit!!! Weenee whistles in the Oscar Mayer party kits....
  15. J

    Disney World

    We will be flying to Disney in a couple of weeks for my DDs first trip to see the big mouse. We are very excited as you may guess. Does anyone know if Sea World has any discount coupons? I see their website offers adults get in the price for kids but that is still $60ish per person. Is it...