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    Local Craft Fairs, Farmers Market, Bazaars - any ideas

    Hi Petra, I live in Alberta and I have to say that Kijiji is the best source for finding community events. I check on a weekly basis. I act upon them quickly to be the first one and get a spot right away. Julie
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    Booths Farmers market display ideas?

    I live in Canada. So we are not accessible to this great info. Thanks for getting back to me so promptly! The display that is on the metal easel. What is on that one? Something that I started making in December is the layered batter bowls. I sold 6o of them. My customer have encouraged me to...
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    Booths Farmers market display ideas?

    Hi Ashley, I love your display easel with specials etc! The one that is sitting on the ground with the apron is a cool idea. Do you have a clearer picture. I wouldn't mind using your ideas. Do you mind? Thanks, Julie
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    Installing pampered partner on new vista computer!

    I had this problem as well. Pampered Partner is not compatable with windows vista. I had to call tech support. I downloaded adobe reader and then reinstalled pampered partner and it works.
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    Canadian National Conference 2009

    Hi Everyone, This will be my 1st Conference and I am really looking forward to it. I am coming from Alberta. I hope to meet some of you ladies who will be going! Julie Hinecker
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    Looking for PL in Canada

    I corrected the website PartyLite
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    Looking for PL in Canada

    Yes, I do know a PL Consultant. Her name is Karen Magnuson. Her website is www.partylite.biz/KarenMagnuson When you contact her say Julie from Pampered Chef referred you. Julie
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    Sales Package deals at shows

    Hi there, I make christmas pkg's to put on display at shows. I charge a nominal fee to wrap and add a ribbon. I don't give them a name. This year I am having a Christmas make & take workshop in my home. I am supplying all the ingredients and small batter bowls ( for layered mixes ), tags...
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    Feedback on my April Newsletter

    Hello Everyone, I would like some feedback on my April Newsletter. I just changed my format and I would like to know what other consultants think before I send it out. Thanks, Julie PS. If you like the email and would like a copy for your own use, message me.
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    Buzzin' with a Dozen

    Hi Jenna, I had a show with 7 buying guests. I am hoping I will be able to have 12 buying guests at my other shows. I think also that maybe because it was just Christmas people don't want to spend too much money. Where in Alberta are you from? I was hoping I would find a Consultant in the...
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    Bookings Let me know what you think.

    I think that is really cute and a really good way to make people actually think about it and it's unique. :)
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    Fundraiser Fundraiser for CF X 100 people

    Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well. My friend asked me a few weeks back if I would be interested in helping her out with this fundraiser that she is doing to help a one year old boy with CF buy a therapy vest. She owns a scrapbook store and is doing a crop events. I am booked for November...
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    Bookings I'm having troubles... need help!

    Hey Everyone! I started with the Pampered Chef in October 2006 after hosting 17 shows in 6 years. It started off alright, I was just doing catalouge show. I had a few good ones and one great one and then I got really frustrated cause it seemed that everyone I asked just wasn't interested. I...
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    Sip & Dip on Wed - Needs "Dip" ideas FAST

    Thanks guys for the ideas I have a show at the end of the month and there is going to be about 20 people there and its my first show! I think dips will be best cause it quick and easy.