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Recent content by jonna

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    I don't know what to do

    Wow, please let us know how it goes after you call HO! I can't imagine being treated that way.
  2. J

    A Strange Problem

    fruit76loop Thank you!! That's wonderful advice!!
  3. J

    A Strange Problem

    Thanks! I called my Director today and she said she'd be happy to talk to her about it as well. She invited me to invite her to her "new consultants" training on Thursday as well. (I tried to get her to go with me last week but she had other plans) The 8 friends idea is a great idea! Thanks!
  4. J

    Be Careful When U Cut/paste Others Hyperlink

    Jean you can have it in your email, like in your signature.
  5. J

    Newbie (What to get)

    I would say the microfiber towels, if you haven't earned the new stands yet, one of those would be great!
  6. J

    Woah, I just had my first cooking show ...

    Don't worry, consider this a practice run! Each one will get easier and easier for you!
  7. J

    How do you give out catalogs in the neighborhood?

    I made a bunch of flyers for my neighborhood and left them in their paperboxes, but I like the idea of putting the catalogs on the doorknobs!
  8. J

    Open House Concerns

    I'm doing an open house on Saturday and I plan on having the food prepared already instead of doing a demo, that way it gives me plenty of time to socialize one on one with people. I plan on having some of the new March Spring/Summer items out and about to look at along with my PC favorites. I...
  9. J

    A Strange Problem

    I have a friend who wants to sign with PC, she's expressed this. However, whenever I discuss it with her she is very passive and won't commit. She expressed concern about not getting bookings which I've tried my best to help her with. I've gone over her list of 100 with her and encouraged her to...
  10. J

    Who uses lapboards? And if you do, what are they made of/where did

    I use the pocketed folders ($0.49 each at Staples), I put my flyers in the pockets including the host/guest special and then to insert my catalogs, which helps them not to get taken, I use contact paper and put a small lip on the binding of the catalog and then use the contact paper to go...
  11. J

    Burnt for ideas...

    Keep your eyes open for home & garden shows that you could possibly set up at. With the new Bridal Registry, try hitting a few of the local bridal shops or florists. I just passed out a bunch of flyers in my neighborhood (or in your case since you're in a rural area) try churches, grocery...
  12. J

    Open House

    I'm doing an open house as well, next Saturday. I'm just not planning it because I really want to make sure I get 2 shows in before the 15th becuase I really want the Help Whip Cancer Cups! I hope it goes well!
  13. J

    Spring Fling Open House

    I love your flyer!!
  14. J

    Opinions on the new website designs?

    I love the new layout and the colors! I personally like the yellow but that's just me. It does seem much more easy to navigate and more clear. Way to go!
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    Ok, so maybe I'm impatient, but...

    HAHA I thought I was the only one looking!