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Recent content by Jessica Kidd

  1. Jessica Kidd

    Hello PC Sisters and Brothers!!!

    Congrats and welcome back! Have fun with all that has changed back then. You.ll ♡ it ;) What made u want to start back up again?
  2. Jessica Kidd

    Comment by 'Jessica Kidd' in media 'Sharon Zelen Selling Stoneware'

    Thank you for sharing Sharon.
  3. Jessica Kidd

    Has Pampered Chef stopped sending bags to hosts for their orders?

    Not to my knowledge. My last 2 hosts received them!
  4. Jessica Kidd

    Sips and Dips party?

    Yes Andrealynn, I am in same boat and have 2 chips, dips and sips parties within 15day of one another. I tried to find the shopping list in Party Packs forttgis theme as PC made it a theme but they dont have this theme in their packs ;(
  5. Jessica Kidd

    Personal Caryn Toering, New Member

    Hi Caryn, Welcome to the PC team. I too staryed in March and have had a slow but rough start. My 90 day hits July 2. Thatsucks there's alot of compitition in your area. That just means, stick your heals in and get er done.To start, there is a booking blitz right now. But ends at noon cst. But...
  6. Jessica Kidd

    Hi! New here!

  7. Jessica Kidd

    Flyers with July 2017

    Lol... Nvrmnd, I now see is from 2017....
  8. Jessica Kidd

    Flyers with July 2017

    Those are NOT right for the June or July host and guest specials!!!!
  9. Jessica Kidd

    Looking to do a booth? Here are ideas on where to find them!

    I google google google. And there's pinterest as well. Alot of ideas there for how to setup as well as ideas on promoting.
  10. Jessica Kidd

    Looking to do a booth? Here are ideas on where to find them!

    Our town is located at the Home of the B2 Bombers. Knob Noster, MO. We have a street flea market 1st Saturday of month May-Oct. As well as vendors for our Summer Fair aka carnival really. The elementary PTO holds a vendor affair too, to raise $$ at beginning of school year. And we also just...
  11. Jessica Kidd

    Looking to do a booth? Here are ideas on where to find them!

    What are you doi g at the Farmers Markets? Our Farmers Market responded back to my mass of emails to local businesses when I first started at end of March and she had a show. Unfortunately only 2 of the 25 showed and only 1 of the 2 guests ordered.
  12. Jessica Kidd

    Urgent New Here

    To say, "u dont want to "dump" a lot of money into it" you are already off to a bad start, my opinon! You cannot think negative let alone not care enough as then it's settig yourself up for failure from the get go and will not succeed. You have to have a passion and "dumping" is not passion...
  13. Jessica Kidd


    New... ish here. Little over 3-4wks now, so still learning some things. But What are trophies and what do they do?
  14. Jessica Kidd

    Team Leader Retiring

    Not pink bt the polka dot one...