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    Urgent Going going gone

    Here is something I just made
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    Virtual Parties - Group vs. Event - Pros & Cons?

    Groups are nice for the consultant because guests get notified about all posts until a guest turns the notifications off, the downfall is that the host has to hand type in all the invites, she can't see all her friends and click from the list to invite. Events are good only for people to check...
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    Question about customers rather shopping on ebay or amazon

    I've looked for PC stuff on Ebay just out of curiosity in the past, and most times it is regular price plus shipping, so they are not getting a deal on it. Or if it is free shipping many times I've seen the price higher than normal price. So, it's usually not a better deal and they don't get...
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    Stealing Hearts Game

    PChockeymom... What are your prizes? Do you ever just use one prize with a crowd of 5-7 people? I like this game a lot, I stopped doing it for some reason over the summer though :(
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    Booking/Recruiting Slide

    Do any of you use the Booking/Recruiting Slide? how do you use it? Do you also do a ticket activity or Stealing Hearts? I do a binder with my intro that has a little info about me, the biz, and hosting along with Specials. And I like to end with stealing hears (a ticket type activity with...
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    Vegetable ribbon pasta

    Can the vegetable ribbon pasta be doubled if using the dutch oven? if so, does it take longer to cook? I have a host who wants this on Friday and will have 16+ people and she asked if we could double it.
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    Picking up the phone

    I printed out a script last week and called my aunt, who I know wouldn't sell pc or have a party, but is a pc product lover, but not always a pc product user (shes one that forgets to take it out of the box). I asked her if I could practice with her a few times. We changed the script a bit...
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    Freezer Meal Party

    leshelman...here is the FB page I got all my info with. Read the pinned post for an overview of the party outline and then go to the files to find the recipes and the file six menu ideas to get an idea of what to pair together.
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    Freezer Meal Party

    omcv04 is this meant then for the guests to prep everything at home in the gallon bags and then you just add the seasonings at the party?
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    Themes for Booking Binder

    Its not super fancy, but I just created this to put in my bookings binder. If you like it, go ahead and use it. http://www.chefsuccess.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23731&stc=1&d=1394247680
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    Bag Tags for Purchases

    So do you just mail these to your host after you submit the party and ask her to put them in each bag?
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    Freezer Meal Party

    I thought about that idea, I'd like sending people home with 10 meals instead of 4-5, but, I prefer selling our tools to the pantry items. For me, that would be competing too closely with the other companies do this. So many of my guests have fallen in love with our knives, easy read colander...
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    ISO Commision Statement to Show guests

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone (advanced director and above) would be willing to copy their commission statement that I, and I am sure other people could use it as well, that shows the potential of what we can make selling PC. I do not have anyone on my team yet and my check is $750 last...
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    Freezer Meal Party

    I joined the above FB page and started these at the beginning of last month. I have been getting excellent response. My sales aren't as good for these as regular shows b/c I can only have 10 participants, BUT I get many repeats from this. It has brought me many new customers and I can really...
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    My Version of the $1000 Mystery Host Show....

    I was not expecting to get much from this mystery host party, BUT, I was wrong. I can barely get any friends/family to come to my home parties, so I doubted anyone would do this. But I did what I told my hosts to do, I emailed and face-booked, then I texted. I got 5 people to do this. Some...