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    I think I have a problem...

    I have a girl whose doing a catalog show just tell me that she has two orders for the basting bottles that aren't available UNTIL!!! May. I can't add these to her show can I? I mean, I can't even add this in PP can I? What do I do?
  2. J

    Does Age Matter?

    Well... I'm only 20 and not married- had my first show when I was 19. For the most part, people have been pretty accepting of my age and the fact that I don't cook for a family every night. However, there's always one every now and then that has to comment on the fact that I am only 20 and...
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    I'm a little curious about our commission on fundraisers. Do we still

    I'm a little curious about our commission on fundraisers. Do we still get the normal commission for a fundraiser like we do for a regular cooking show or do we get less? And what is our commission based upon?
  4. J

    Need a brochure

    yes... Yes, you can get a flyer from PC that explains the fundraiser. I think they do a great job of explaining it too!
  5. J

    Not sure where...

    That's it! Thanks, that is the place I was looking for!
  6. J

    Commission Statements?

    Yes... They took out insurance fees and I think the shipping for spring/summer paperwork update info. I think that's correct...
  7. J

    Not sure where...

    ... I looked at their stuff, but the one I'm talking about is Not one of our vendors. This place had these really cute sticky notepads with the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon on it and they were so cheap!
  8. J

    Not sure where...

    but I've read somewhere on this website that there is a store that sells some PC stuff, maybe pens and such, but also has the pink ribbon (breast cancer) note pads and other things for sale, btu I can't remember the webiste. Does this ring a bell to anyone? It's not one of our vendors on the...
  9. J

    Considering personal website...

    I'm considering getting my personal PC website and I would love to hear everyones input on getting one! The pros and cons, ideas, suggestions...anything would be great. I'm kinda in limbo about this decision.
  10. J

    Question about charities...

    One more question... OK, so if I put the correct organization in - not the HWC - can the guests still order the HWC products since they are the guest special?
  11. J

    Question about charities...

    I'm thinking I read this somewhere, but I'm just not sure. If we hold a HWC fundraiser, can we donate the money to whatever charity we choose or does it have to be the American Cancer Society? Just curious. My Grandmother passed away about a year and a half ago to lung cancer and I would like...
  12. J

    Whoo-hoo Spring Kick OFF!

    My March is looking pretty good too! I had two cooking shows scheduled - both which have now turned into Catalog shows due to conflicts. So...I now have 5 catalog shows going on at the same time and a Bridal Shower on the 25th. I am so excited!! I'm hoping there's a $1000 show somewhere...
  13. J

    PP Spring/Summer update cd

    I did that too but... when I try to enter a guest order, the shipping is still coming up as $3.50. Ugh... any help there??? I'm about ready to throw my computer out the window!!
  14. J

    PP Spring/Summer update cd

    I still haven't received my PP update cd and recipe for success inserts. I've called HO already and they said they'd send another one out - still haven't received it. I've got shows to enter and I need that cd. Any suggestions anyone????
  15. J

    Super Starter Bonus

    oops I meant that my first SS month was December and I held and subimtted a show in late November that counted towards my SS1.