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Recent content by Janice Stroud

  1. J

    ISO large striped bowl

    I am willing to sell the 3pc set.
  2. J

    Looking for a seasoning turnabout

    I am looking for a seasoning turnabout, new or gently used.
  3. J

    Favorite Reicpes To Give

    Ooh Shelby, that's sounds good. Can I have your also. Thanx. Janice
  4. J

    Lots for sale

    Pls email me a copy of your list. To: [email protected] Thanks
  5. J

    Lots for sale

    Pls email me a copy of your list. Janice
  6. J

    NOT another DS business ...

    Dave Thanks so much for sharing. My email address is: [email protected]
  7. J

    Two more needed for room at Hilton!

    We also have two openings at the Hilton with two beds, two bathrooms at the Hilton. We are checking in on Monday the 12th and out on Thursday the 15th. Email me if you are interested.
  8. J

    Ever hopeful - cool & serve

    Got mine yesterday. Love It. Love It. I can't wait to use it. I'm going to a Baby Shower. Maybe I'll have to take something pretty.
  9. J

    May CN?

    Today is Tuesday, May 10th and I just rec'd mine today. This is the first time I've rec'd it before the 15th of the month in about six month. I suspect that pretty soon home office we tell us we need to download. That should save PC a boatload of money.
  10. J

    3 Month Flyers incl Nov and Dec

    Thank you so much. You guys make this business so easy.
  11. J

    Anyone else need a roomate?

    1 space left in 2 bed, 2 bath room at the Hilton for Thursday and Friday nights. We are all from the Chicago area. Your total cost should be no more than $105.
  12. J

    Anyone need a roommate?

    Oops!! Try this one: Chicago Hotels and Chicago Lodging Deals & Specials | Travelzoo
  13. J

    Anyone need a roommate?

    If anyone is still looking for lodging in Chicago for Wave 3, check out this link. This link came via TravelZoo.com You might want to sign up with TravelZoo. They send out a new email every Wednesday. http://www.comfortsuites.com/ires/en-US/html/Availability?sid=Bq4xg.dRbwSgyK5g.7 I...
  14. J

    Advise on finding roomate

    We may have room for two, maybe even three roomies. We are a cluster just outside of Chicago. We originally booked two rooms for eight consultants. Currently, it looks like there are five definites. We will be staying at the Hilton. I won't cancel the second room until the deadline. Please...
  15. J

    HWC Items?

    Here's what was listed in our last NewWire: Order Help Whip Cancer® Products Through May 31 Consultants may order one of each of the Help Whip Cancer® guest specials for $1 off from April 1 to May 31. Sample orders can be submitted as a write-in on a Supply Order Form or ordered via...