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    Presentation at college

    thanks Thanks for the advise. Yes, I did it just like an actual kitchen show and I did put all those things in the packet. It went really well. The teacher said I really helped them a lot and let me see how to sell a product. They will be doing presentations on nutrition, but needed to...
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    A bittersweet goodbye

    Please make the call I agree with every one I have read. I do think you should call the home office. This is your business to run as you see it. Not as anyone else says you have to. That is the point of the business, it is yours to do as you want to. The Home Office would need to know so it...
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    Fair booth

    Potato demo You can show what different things you can use the Ultimate Slice and Grate Using a potato. It works out really great when you don't want to cook. It also helps sell them too. You can make small fries for kids, shredd for hashbrowns, slice several thickness for scalloped or home...
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    Presentation at college

    I am doing a presentation for a class at a college, because the teacher wants the students to see someone do a presentation before they have to do one for class. The teacher wants me to put a packet together for them. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can put in the packet.
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    Fair Results!

    WoW! That is great! I have a bazaar October 22nd. I am really excited, it is my first one. When I see how well you did it makes me even more excited. Thanks so much for sharing. Barb from Indiana
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    Need a tote bag

    I got a bag at Wal-mart in the spring. It was about $8 it was clear color with a bag on the inside. It was an actual purse. I would just put catalogs on either side of the bag and it looked like a Pampered Chef Bag. It worked great. Of course since it is winter now you won't find it there...
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    Increasing Bookings At a Bridal Expo

    WoW! That is great! I think you are doing an great job! I have a Bazaar on the 22nd and I am hoping to get some bookings and recruit leads. I have one recruit already that is just blowing me away at how well she is doing. Keep up the good work and best wishes for your business.