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  1. hmolah

    Incentive Trip Points

    Ok, thanks for the clarification! I appreciate it! :)
  2. hmolah

    Incentive Trip Points

    Does anyone happen to know that if you have a recruit who has NOT reached their $1250, has gone 2 months+ inactive, if they have to start from $0 to get to $1250 in order to get the 2000 trip points, or if they had $800 in previous sales, they only need $400? Does that make sense? lol I have...
  3. hmolah

    Recruiting overseas

    Wow, more great info! Anyone know any PCers in Grafenwoehr?? Thanks! Heather
  4. hmolah

    Help!!! Needing to find info on Germany PCers

    Glad I found this! I have a consultant who is quickly kicking up her biz and trying to promote to Director in the next couple of months (Fast Track) and is REALLY concerned about how to do the biz over there. I'm not familiar with it at all, but I'm hoping the Army or even PC's Home Office can...
  5. hmolah

    Who's earned Taste of Travel?

    At the end of the earning period which was 7/31 and will be awarded as of your title on 8/1. Earned it, and looking forward to going in November! I almost didn't need those bonus points! :) But, I'll take them! ;)
  6. hmolah

    Gas card incentive for April

    Is there any way to track the shipment of these?
  7. hmolah

    Who's Walking at NC?

    WooHoo!!!! Walking as a Director!!!! Can't wait! :):chef: :D
  8. hmolah

    Are there any directors in the Savannah, GA area?

    This is way old, but if you are still in need, contact me! :)
  9. hmolah

    Maui was AWESOME!

    Wow, what motivation you all are for me!!!! I plan to earn the TOT and the Level 1 cruise! Heck, I might even strive for level 2! ;) (Sorry old PC in me...the SILVER cruise!)
  10. hmolah

    FS: Logo wear - Nice!

    Thanks Marsha - I PM'd you. No, Brenda, I never received any message? Was it via PM? I have only received a PM from Marsha and as of today! Sorry! :(
  11. hmolah

    FS: Logo wear - Nice!

    I'll take photos of it and measure the bust and length across if that helps! Once I take the photo, I'll just need to figure out how to load it! ;)
  12. hmolah

    FS: Logo wear - Nice!

    Anyone, anyone???!! :) I'll take OBO if you have an offer you'd like to give! Thanks!
  13. hmolah

    FS: Logo wear - Nice!

    I have a XL - 3/4 length coral/melon colored logo shirt (women's) for sale. This is a piece that was earned from the logo wear promo last year after 2010 Conference. It just does not fit me correctly, and I know someone could use it. It is a melon/coral color 3/4 shirt with 3 buttons on...
  14. hmolah

    FS: Silver & gold apron

    I have this apron available too!!! Please see above posting in Marketplace! Thanks! :)