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Recent content by Hathery

  1. Hathery

    PIctures of Booths

    How did you get your mixing bowls to stack like that without nesting?
  2. Hathery

    Attendance issues

    Those are awesome suggestions! I think I need to just get more confident about asking people for what I want. Even though I know it's not true, I feel as though I'm imposing somehow on people to "tell them how to be a hostess." I think by asking permission to give some tips it would really help...
  3. Hathery

    Product Suggestions for spring

    That's what I want too!
  4. Hathery

    MicroCooker Tips

    Maybe now is a good time for me to ask about the Micro-Cooker. I've sold quite a few of these and quite frankly, I have no clue what the difference is between using the Micro-Cooker or just heating something in a bowl or tupperware. Help! :)
  5. Hathery

    Sister has question on stoneware

    Wow, Damien rules! Such a thorough answer.
  6. Hathery

    My worst show yet

    I get really frustrated too when this happens. The person has tons of options for outside orders, but no matter how much you encourage it you can't *make* someone do it. It's just a shame...they lose out on so many awesome perks if they'd just put forth a little effort.
  7. Hathery

    Attendance issues

    Okay, so as of late with the whole "economy" thing my attendance has been significantly decreased at parties. I like to think I am clear with my hosts about how to send out the invites, how to encourage outside/online orders, etc. but I just don't think I'm doing a good enough job. Anyone have...
  8. Hathery

    MIA Host for Friday's show

    I just had a host like this too. She ended up canceling on me the night before her party. I hope your host isn't as bad as mine was :(
  9. Hathery

    Stoneware sale, how many are you selling?

    I think I'd be selling more if I didn't keep ending up with anti-stoneware people at my parties! I always have to diffuse that bomb and "tactfully" explain why this person is nuts :) haha
  10. Hathery

    Black Friday - ideas for email and other questions

    I like the idea of a Black Friday sale, but I can't personally see having all those different types of discounts for all the different times of day. I could never keep track of all that :)
  11. Hathery

    Bookings Slide???

    I just made one and I can't wait to use it. I really need the visual to help keep me on track, otherwise I forget to explain the host benefits! I always *assume* people know, but trust me...they don't!
  12. Hathery

    Sooo... irritated with a customer!!!

    As far as only having a few guests at your second show, that can be worked around. My last party had only 4 people show up (there was supposed to be 17.) Just encourage your hostess to gather outside orders (help her brainstorm ideas of who to show the catalog to), it can make a huge difference...
  13. Hathery

    YAY!! P3 for Mac

    Sweet! Thank you :)
  14. Hathery

    Host doesn't like stoneware

    If she'd like to use the host special you could encourage her to give it as a nice gift to someone for Christmas. I'm sure anyone would love to get a nice piece of PC Stoneware :)
  15. Hathery

    Catalog show on steroids....

    Dang, does she have any other family you can send my way? :)