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    FYI: If you signed a recruit Friday

    I just talked to a customer that placed an online order Friday with her AMEX card. It was only charged once. Let's hope that it's limited to debit cards.
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    Urgent HO charging card 6 times!!

    I'm terrible about figuring out where to post a new thread so apologies in advance if this isn't in the correct spot. There was an order placed through my website on Friday evening. It has been charged to their bank account 6 times!! 4 times on Sat, 2 times yesterday. The hold time for HO...
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    Facebook Violation

    That cracked me up! I've missed your humor, Kitchen Diva :)
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    Facebook Violation

    Good point. If they aren't clear on this policy (which they should be since they've been in the business long enough to recruit and qualify 5 consultants) or just ignoring it, what kind of example are they?
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    Facebook Violation

    I have wondered about the whole "mentioning PC on Facebook" thing. I just recently joined FB so it's all pretty new to me. I chose NOT to mention PC in my profile, etc even though you have to be my friend to view my profile. At least this is what I thought until I listed my current town...
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    Urgent 30 days for returns...

    It is from the date it leaves the home office. I just had this come up last week. The ship date/30 days was the 28th, host called me on the 30th but I was out of town for the holidays. I contacted the home office on Jan 5th. They said she'd have to pay for shipping. I explained the...
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    Toot Toot...ahhhh...Beep Beep!

    Woo Hoo! You should be proud of yourself! Congratulations :)
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    Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL

    I agree...no matter who you support..that is SO funny! "Hillary's" eyes cracked me up :)
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    My Bad News

    I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs to you! My sister in law suffered 4 miscarriages between 2 healthy pregnancies. As she went through that time she couldn't understand why but she prayed something good would come out of it. A year later two friends experienced miscarriages too and she...
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    Neighborly love continues

    I'd go ahead and look in to buying a house. We were renting to save for a house, didn't think we could afford the house I wanted. I thought there was absolutely NO WAY we could get a house. Had lunch with a friend that worked for a mortgage company, she was building a house and we started...
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    Got a Palm Pilot?

    Many years ago I received a Palm Zire 71 with keyboard from PC. It was something I choose during a promotion. I'm having some issues with it and wondered if anyone else received one (if so, how long ago did we get these?) or does anyone have one so I can see if this is normal or not. I...
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    FYI on SA platter

    Maybe if the cake is good enough, your DH will forgive you? Sorry, that's the only idea I have :)
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    Sarah Palin- an interesting insight

    That is wonderful. Further confirmation for me :) What is a Master's Commission student?
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    Putting lipstick on your pig...

    Ha! Maybe that is why I don't like lipstick :) I need a mirror to put it on. My funny lipstick story....my mom has worn "Naked Pink" my entire life. One day when I was in college I dropped by her classroom (she taught special education at an elementary school). I had tried her lipstick and...
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    Putting lipstick on your pig...

    Okay...this thread has nothing to do with a pig but I thought it was funny :) I'm sure KG will find us a picture soon enough! In light of today's headlines I thought I'd ask the question...what is your favorite shade/brand of lipstick? Personally, I hate lipstick! My recruiter used to...