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  1. fruit76loop

    Director Director Retreat Notes

    I wish I could have made it!! I was so sad!! I heard it was fabulous!!:) But next year I will definately be there since we won't have the big leadership!
  2. fruit76loop

    I am out of repromotion and back to Director!!!:party:Now, to get

    Yes...both of them are showing now...so it is official! I really started to wonder since now they have to have $1250 in sales to count for the trip! LOL...I had myself getting all worked up over nothing!!:rolleyes:
  3. fruit76loop

    Promoting to Advanced!!

    :party:***Doing the Happy Dance for you!!!***:party: Congratulations!! WHOO HOOO!!!:D Your futures so bright you gotta wear shades~!:sun:
  4. fruit76loop

    Director Who gets the points?

    Me too.... My Director got points for me too but she didn't recruit me....I rolled up and I would think that promotion points would be the same. But let me know when you find out the answer for sure!!
  5. fruit76loop

    Director Free and Half Price Conference!!

    Whooo hoooo!! I am so excited as I already have $4400 in sales in April and we are only 2 days into the month!! I had a mega show yesterday with 3 shows and a bridal that was tonight and is over $2000!! Wow...never thought I was going to make the $5000 with the Paris trip!! And I will...
  6. fruit76loop

    I am out of repromotion and back to Director!!!:party:Now, to get

    Me too!!! Ahhh....Sandra you are too funny! But I must say mine is driving me crazy as well!!! My last two recruits for TPC are still not showing!! And now I am wondering it was still 4 shows for TPC for qualifying right?????? :bugeye::confused:
  7. fruit76loop

    Anyone going to Paris in April???

    Finally... Yes...Becky I finally looked on here like you told me to! LOL!! I just find when I get on here I am on here for hours checking everything out again! And yes, we were thinking of doing something like this, but we keep changing our minds! Guess it is getting a little late now to be...
  8. fruit76loop

    1099 arrived

    London for me was $5814.26 (That was Level 4, TPC)...so I am sure Paris will be about the same.
  9. fruit76loop

    Jan.1-Feb.28 Sales Promo

    I'm at 16,200 points for Disney! And for the promo I had $6709 in sales for January. Not sure what I am going to get yet! I am most excited about getting the Elite Seller 2%...I love $$$$$$.:D
  10. fruit76loop

    Am I trying too hard?

    I WANTED THE ROLLING BACKPACK TOO!!! :cry::cry::cry: But I know that in the whole scheme of things it really isn't that important. I too seem to get too excited when I really, really, really want something. I have 1 that will be signing Sunday, another came to my meeting last night and I...
  11. fruit76loop

    Can anyone explain the TPC requirements and dates?

    And this is of course because there will no longer be lines as we know them know. So they had to finish TPC early because of the opportunity to earn TPC in first line cluster sales! I know this will put some people in a pinch, but I can see why they did it. I am excited because I already have...
  12. fruit76loop

    Hotel options

    True a little exercise never hurt...unless it is in 2 feet of snow! ;)
  13. fruit76loop

    Just had to share....

    So I recently had my upline Director call me about my work I did towards the Top 50 challenge. She asked me to do an interview with her. I wanted to share with everyone so that you could listen to the recorded call if you want to. Here is the email she sent to everyone after the call. Hope this...
  14. fruit76loop

    8 Shows a month & 1 recruit a month "CLUB"

    You know me! Give me an idea and i have to try it...just trying to be helpful and I break mine!!! LOL:cry:
  15. fruit76loop

    8 Shows a month & 1 recruit a month "CLUB"

    Guess I will have to use some good old superglue!!!:grumpy: