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    Blue Cardigan Logo Sweater

    Pictures didn't upload? Not sure how to get them to work? I can email them to you if you are interested.
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    Blue Cardigan Logo Sweater

    Selling this sweater for $25 plus shipping (estimate around $6). Prefer VENMO for payment. Its a pretty cornflower blue. Buttons all the way up with light rufflle down middle seam. Wore maybe twice. XL, but runs small. Logo is embroidered. Hat Logo on right sleeve. From smoke free home...
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    Charm bracelet, necklaces, bracelet and chef earrings for sale

    Charm bracelet and necklace still available.
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    Charm bracelet, necklaces, bracelet and chef earrings for sale

    just sent you a friend request on facebook :)
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    Charm bracelet, necklaces, bracelet and chef earrings for sale

    pair of chef hat earrings. $10 Logo bracelet and necklace - $10 each or $15 for both. charms, bracelet and necklace all for $40 Shipping is free. Private message me if interested. Thanks.
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    Brand NEW Director Style Navy BLUE Chair

    I have a brand new Director Style folding chair for sale. Never used. Took out of box just to take pictures. Comes with carrying bag and shoulder strap. PC logo on back. Both arms have cup holders and also little mesh bag on side arm to store things. $45 includes shipping.
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    Italian Charms For SALE

    Cleaning out and found these! Old Italian Charms! Great for someone who loves VINTAGE Pampered Chef consultant items :cool: 3 Heritage Home Charms 2 July 2005 Chicago National Conference Charms 1 25 Anniversary Charm :thumbup: 3 Small Square Simple Additions with Caddy Charm 1 Quick...
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    Charm Holders/Star Charm/100,000 and 50,000 PINS/and more

    Been in biz LONG time and cleaned out drawer full of charm holders, star charms, pins, etc. $50,000 - glitzy glam bar pin - $10 $100,000 - glitzy glam bar pin - $10 Old Pampered Chef Round Stone Charm Holder - $10 PIN Charm Holders: Qty 5 - $1000 Show Charm Holders - $3 each Qty...
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    Cocotte Recipes?

    Has anyone created a document of recipes for the Cocotte? I am selling alot of these and would love to pass on some recipes to my customers. Thanks.
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    New Recipe Booklet for Round Covered Baker?

    Looking for a recipe document with recipe adjustments for the Round Covered Baker. thanks :)
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    Brownie Pan Recipes?

    Looking for a document with Brownie Pan recipes. Has anyone put something like this together yet?
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    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a Getaway (the

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a Getaway (the luggage piece of August submitting 2 shows) they'd like to sell? I have a husband from one of my team members who sent me an email saying his wife was so distraught because she submitted 2 shows and one was dated in July. She...
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    Twitter - How to use it to promote business

    Hey there, Any of you use Twitter? If so, can you explain from a very elementary beginning point how you use it. I really don't even know now it works. I know there are followers, etc. but what are the basics. Thanks!
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    Monkey Bread?

    I know this has probably been posted many times, but I can someone share the cinnamon monkey bread recipe with biscuits in the saute pan? Thanks very much!