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Recent content by Euro Chef Sandi

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    Recipes to go with wine tasting

    I haven't had any trouble with blackened dishes using the Medium Bowls....they sit up high enough up away from the flame. I do not recommend using the Small Bowls unless you have the discontinued Fondue Accessory Kit. I've used the new Simple Addition Stands 3 times for this fondue set up and...
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    Hot Heads

    Yep! Cream of Mushroom soup!! It just smooths it out and makes it slightly creamy....you don't taste it though. Try just adding half a can at first and taste it (that's what I did). But I'm now convinced that it's the secret ingredient to fantastic chili!! As for the habenero and...
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    New Consultant Questions

    Your debit card should be approved within 5 business days (if you did it online). You can call a number and retrieve your debit card number over the phone. As soon as you have the number, you're good to go! Another thing.....did your recruiter provide you a few catalogs to get you going...
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    Survivor show ideas?

    I've done a survivor auction at a few of my shows. It's a lot of fun. You play a game throughout the show for chances to win play money (or you can use a deck of cards, poker chips, etc.) Take little things like the celebration recipe cards, or twix it clips. Make them ask questions about...
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    Hot Heads

    I think it's the recipe that comes (or used to) with the Smooth Edge Can opener - 6 can chili. I zipped it up with some habenero and jalapeno peppers and won the chili cook-off at our church! I use the seasoned cans of tomatoes, add extra garlic and chili powder....you know...just spruce...
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    Need Answer Quickly

    There was a message in weekly bites not too long ago about the cake testers being back-ordered. It may be worth a phone call before you submit the show. Sandi~
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    New Consultant Questions

    You shouldn't feel bad about asking your director and recruiter these kinds of questions.....that's what they're supposed to be there for!!! Directors have the opportunity to order the paperwork packages that come in your Super Starter Kit to help get you started a little faster. They're...
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    Recipes to go with wine tasting

    fonue You could do a cheese and chocolate fondue (both go great with wine!). Use the simple additions medium bowls in the hospitality stand. (If you need the recipes for the cheddar cheese and chocolate/caramel fondue, let me know.) Place the fondue in the bowls and use the petite squares...
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    Gnocci ??

    Sauce variation I live in Germany, and Gnocci is very popular in the Italian restaurants over here. My favorite sauce to have with them is gorgonzola sauce. I wanted to find something similar (jarred spaghetti sauce just didn't sound too exciting!!). If you have the "It's Good For You"...
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    March Host Flyer?

    March Host Special Flyer You can find both the March and April flyers in the download section of consultant's corner for hosts and guests. It's 60% off the Stainless Mixing Bowls or the Easy Read Measuring Cups. There's also the flyers for the recruiting promo. Sandi~ :)