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Recent content by ErinPC

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    We need a nickname for ourselves, Cheffers!

    I can not WAIT to put the whole "cheffer" thing on my email signature! Genius, pure genius! *Doing the "we're not worthy" bow down a la Wayne's World* Proud to be a Cheffer, Erin
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    Hot Artichoke & spinach dip Question

    This is one of my all-time fave recipes! I always use the creamy spinach - it makes it a little more like TGIF's dip. I actually didn't read that closely the first few times I made it, and I used regular artichoke hearts instead of marinated. I kinda like the regular better - less "oily".
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    Well I had my first cooking show on Sat for a co-worker. She only had

    Amber, Pleasepleaseplease don't get so bummed out! Not only is it bad for YOU, it's bad for your business! No one wants to book a show from someone already throwing an awesome pity party. Do your best to get excited, and listen for those "aha moments." The other night a couple was over at...
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    I can't remember...

    Thanks :) As I said, you guys have all of the answers. I appreciate it :)
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    I can't remember...

    I know that the monthly host special does not count towards our commission, but when the previous host (the one this show was booked from) orders the host special, does that money count towards the current host's total? For example, Sue booked a show from Joan. Now Joan is purchasing the SS...
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    Chatty Guests...

    Here's my issue... I LOVE these guests - they love the products, they host & attend shows regularly, they are just all-around awesome people! BUT they talk constantly during shows! I know that part of it is that in the past 2 months, they've been to almost 4 of my shows, so they know my...
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    Repeat Vegetarian Guests

    I have a show this weekend, and the host has requested vegetarian recipes (quite a few of her guests are vegetarian). This normally wouldn't be a problem - I'd do a Spinach/Art. ring or dip, garlic bites, or a skillet cake. My issue is that about 4-5 of these guests have been to at least 3...
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    Profiterole Puffs

    Team Theme Puffs Just wanted to add, as one of my "themes," I do sports related shows so the food is inspired by some of our favorite times from down here on "Tobacco Row." I - along with a lot of the other teachers here at my school - are HUGE Carolina Tarheel fans, so last night I whipped up...
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    Strawberry Amaretto Pastries

    I made these last night -and OMG - I had to stop myself from eating them all! My question is this: has anyone actually made them at a show yet? If so, how did it go? Did you have any other recipes pre-made? I already sliced most of the strawberries beforehand (just as if I were a show), but I...
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    I need bookings at tonights show!

    I don't know if you have enough time to do this, but maybe a quick variation would work well for you. I did this at my last show and had 3 bookings out of 8 people. Not bad. Anyway, I printed several of our most popular products out on cardstock and attached a little velcro behind each one. I...
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    Booking to far ahead

    I'm still at that point where a booking is a booking no matter what month it's for. I booked a show this weekend for June because she plans on inviting several of the same people to her show, and she wants to give them plenty of time in between. For the next two months, I'm going to email her...
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    UPS shipment updates

    One of my shows in January had all but one of her boxes arrive (and it was Box #1 with all of the bags, etc. in it). I tried to track it on UPS's site, but it was a recycled number from 2004. After waiting a few days, I called HO, and they really helped a lot by resending that box. The...
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    Why PC is so much better than MK

    Need specifics I by no means want to "bash" another company when I'm trying to recruit, but it is nice to know the pluses & minuses of other businesses. Having said that, I'm a little curious about the whole PartyLite thing. A friend of mine signed up with PL around the same time I signed...
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    Looking for a vegetarian ring

    The spinach & artichoke ring is fabulous! I've made it several times, and even my husband (who's totally meat and potatoes) loves it. It's in the All The Best cookbook. HTH...Erin
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    Cheese Plane

    A repeat customer (and friend) of mine told me at my last show that she couldn't get the cheese plane to work properly. I don't have this item, nor have I ever used one (PC or otherwise). I was wondering if you guys could give me some hints and tips to pass along to her. Is there a "trick" to...