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Recent content by Christa

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    Unopened pack of HWC pins

    Cleaning my office and found these. Maybe someone here is doing a cancer FR and needs some? my e-mail is [email protected]
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    Sales Sept. guest special

    Is there any stipulation to this? Can they order more than one stone at 20% off?
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    Just got the announcement!!

    I just got my first recruit this month...love the idea of this promotion!
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    New products question

    Our cluster missed the challenge by 2 shows :( I think changing the cover in Nov. is a great idea.
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    Bookings July and August bookings?

    I sent out an e-mail offering July hosts a choice of outdoor party plates, bbq bottle, chilzanne mini bowl or ice cream dipper free with qualifying show. I also offered a Chilzanne Rect. server (I have an extra here) for the highest July show. I hate having an empty calendar-I was really...
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    Bookings July and August bookings?

    Not one show for July! :( I just sent out an incentive e-mail to all my customers, so hopefully that will work. I have bookings for Aug., Sept, and Oct but July is dead right now...
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    Bookings How's everyone's June looking?

    Jeanie, My June is pretty skimpy also...I have done 4 shows but that will probably be it for me this month. I had a $3400+ May and was so pumped...oh well
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    Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

    Okay I'm convinced to take the whole set with me!
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    Fundraiser Getting FR check to org

    Thanks Reba! After a whole lot of non helpful people, Mary fixed it! She said it happens every year and always put ACS/Relay for Life as organization so a check is generated.
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    Fundraiser Getting FR check to org

    NO I DID NOT CHECK HMC! I am having no luck getting anyone in finance to return my calls and I talked to someone (solution center) that was actually concerned for me and she wrote e-mails to the higher ups she knows and assured me someone would call me. She said this is not right. With the...
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    Fundraiser Getting FR check to org

    I submitted my RFL F/R and the host asked me to have ACS put on the check. Well they haven't received it and HO says that PC pays ACS and there's no check for my people to give at the Relay. No one in finance will call me back. Grrrrrr
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    Theme Show Fourth of july recipes

    I tried the Berries and Stars from Stoneware Inspirations for a family party and it was so pretty. I am making it at a show this weekend.
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    Sales HUGE show!

    That is amazing! Great job!
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    Bookings How's everyone's June looking?

    3 catalog and 3 cooking so far for June. Used the Dollar days flyer to get the beginning of the month and thinking of using another incentive to fill in the last week of June after my vacation.
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    Corn on the cob

    I also use sugar instead of salt.