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  1. ChefPaulaB

    Strawberry filling for Chocolate Cake

    Thanks! We ended up just making regular chocolate cake (it was for my b-day and my DD was making it, so couldn't be too complicated, she's only 7).
  2. ChefPaulaB

    Strawberry filling for Chocolate Cake

    I want to make a chocolate cake in the torte pans and use fresh strawberries for the filling, but I don't want just the strawberries, any ideas on how to do this? Couldn't find anything in the files section. TIA! Paula
  3. ChefPaulaB

    Margarita Recipe?

    I don't know if it's technically a PC recipe, but the Slap Your Mama Margarita is made in the quick stir pitcher and I have used it at a ton of shows and for personal use and everyone loves it! SLAP YOUR MAMA MARGARITAS 1 12 oz. can frozen limeade 2 cans 7-up or Sprite (I prefer diet, not...
  4. ChefPaulaB

    Non-Fried Fish Recipe

    I can honestly say that I've never tried tuna other than the canned. I'll have to give it a try! I always loved the way that Mahi Mahi sounds (the name) it sounds so tropical but I've never tried that either. I haven't been very adventurous in my fish tasting life. I'll have to work on that...
  5. ChefPaulaB

    Power Cooking Chicken

    thanks for all of the input, I had my DH look at the recipes and he didn't think any of them sounded good for our family (picky kids)... so I guess I'll just try to find some other meals to cook. I'm making a big pot of beef stew tonight so I'll freeze that...
  6. ChefPaulaB

    Power Cooking Chicken

    Hey, anyone that has made these (and ate them!)... can you tell me anything about them? Are they any good? Do kids like them? One better than the other? Any tips or suggestions or changes? I'm thinking of making these to have some meals stocked up and wondered about these...
  7. ChefPaulaB

    Non-Fried Fish Recipe

    Wow! Thanks Ladies!!! I'm off to buy some fish so I can start trying out some of these recipes! Hopefully I can convince my family that they love fish! I'm thinking maybe the new Creole rub might be good too (haven't tried that on anything yet)... might have to give that a try! Thanks for...
  8. ChefPaulaB

    Non-Fried Fish Recipe

    Ha, just went to the Ruby Tuesday menu to see if I could find the fish that I liked and this is it. No wonder I liked it, "rich Parmesan Cream Sauce"! 26 grams of fat!!! NO, that doesn't sound fattening!! Right! Maybe I can come up with a lower fat version! New Orleans Seafood Spicy...
  9. ChefPaulaB

    Non-Fried Fish Recipe

    I am trying to eat healthier and I know that fish is good for you but the only way that DH and I like it normally is fried (I know, horrible!), so I'm looking for recipes that we could maybe try to learn to like the healthier versions. I'm looking to try the milder type fish like Tilapia. I...
  10. ChefPaulaB

    Need topping idea for pound cake

    If it were me, I'd make something that my mom could have and something that my husband would like... there's never too much dessert in my world! And it is Christmas! The time of giving!
  11. ChefPaulaB

    Scalloped Potatoes - Doubled

    Just wondering, if I make a double batch of Scalloped Potatoes in the DCB, so I double the whole cooking time or just add like an extra half hour or what? I have done it before (but not in the DCB, in the 9x13) but I can't remember the times... I seem to be having a little brain fog this...
  12. ChefPaulaB

    Need help with desserts

    Here you go, these are a no-brainer but they are really good, as long as you don't over bake them! Mini Muffin Pan Cookie Kisses Use 1 package refrigerated section premade chocolate chip cookie dough and Hershey Kisses. Cut the dough into 9 circles and each circle into quarters...
  13. ChefPaulaB

    Something italian

    What about the Hot Pizza Dip? It's really good, everyone loves it when I make it!
  14. ChefPaulaB

    Lovin' my toaster bags

    What the heck are toaster bags? Never heard of them...
  15. ChefPaulaB

    Urgent Chocolate P Butter Torte questions

    Love that tip, I always get in a hurry when trying to melt things and over do it! Will use this from now on! Thanks!