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  1. ChefMommyinOC

    Gifts for nurses in hospital

    I'm going to be having surgery soon and want to put together little "Thank you" gifts together for the nurses. Any suggestions as to what to put in the boxes (the PC gold and white gift boxes) that won't put too much strain on my budget, and any ideas on what to put on the note that won't sound...
  2. ChefMommyinOC

    ? re: exec cookware vs. prof line/knives

    One way to answer this is with a question; ask the client how they typically cook: Easy put-together dinners or do they like to pretend they are Rachael Rae (sp?). The Professional line, while still having an awesome guarantee and stove-to-oven benefits is more for the occasional use, no-mess...
  3. ChefMommyinOC

    Silicone Cupcake Baker

    What temperature do you set the oven at?
  4. ChefMommyinOC

    Oh, the Butterflies......

    Me too I've been doing PC for 3 years, and have been performing (singing, dancing, playing the piano) for 20 years and STILL get butterflies. For me it comes from a fear of judgement; that everyone up there is constantly critiquing me. I know that's not the case, but it gets me every time. I...
  5. ChefMommyinOC

    Simple Additions Bowls Gifts

    chocolate truffles (sort of) I saw a recipe about a month or so ago...Don't remember where. Oreo cookies Cream cheese Melting (candy making) chocolate Crumble the Oreo cookies into dust Soften cream cheese in microwave until pliable but not runny. Roll in cookie dust. Dip in...
  6. ChefMommyinOC

    Help with internet order

    Call HO now! Call them and explain what happened. If you catch it before they start picking, it should be no big deal. Good luck!
  7. ChefMommyinOC

    Managing Registry & Shower

    Unsure I've not had a Registry yet, so I don't know if this would work, but can you print out a list of what the Bride has registered for (and has not yet been bought) the day of the party and have guests order from that. Then you could enter the orders in on the website (since you have the...
  8. ChefMommyinOC

    How much did your business tax prep cost?

    Turbo Tax I personally use Turbo Tax. It breaks it down "Barney-style" for me and is very easy. Granted, I am a single mom, so I don't have to put in a spouse's taxes, but I do have to still file for Child Tax Credit. I think it's $39.99 to buy it (free for me cuz I use the software my dad buys...
  9. ChefMommyinOC

    Recruiting Objection

    Meet and Greet Let your prospect know that she gets to run this business however she wants! She can host-coach in person to get to know the host, so she doesn't feel like an "alien" when she goes for the show. And more often than not, she will have met the new host at a previous show. So while...
  10. ChefMommyinOC

    Cooking in Prep Bowls

    Stone okay I have cooked many cakes using the Prep Bowls, and I recommend using the stone to balance the bowls for the same reason we use stones instead of metal or glass bakeware: It'll keep the heat even. The metal pans could potentially get the bottom of the bowl hotter than desired. If...
  11. ChefMommyinOC

    Leadership and Conference buttons

    Wave? How did you guys find out which wave you're in for 2007?
  12. ChefMommyinOC

    Some people just don't get it.....

    Best and Worst I once host-coached a woman who I thought would be a great host - I ended up having to call my mother to come to the show to be the other guest at the show; the host never sent out the invitations, although she'd assured me that she had. The show took 5 weeks to reach $250 in...
  13. ChefMommyinOC

    Best Knives Deal

    Has anyone figured out the cheapest way for an October host to get all of the new knives? Assuming a $600 show was achieved (average for me), what knife should the host choose at 60% and which knives should be used under free product and half-priced items? I'm trying to help my hosts achieve...
  14. ChefMommyinOC

    VIP Fall Products Introduced

    I am nuts? Maybe it's just me, but most of the clothing just seems twice the price it should be. Or that shipping should be included with that price! I'm sorry, but the only clothing I could afford from VIP was the baseball tee for this year's Help Whip Cancer campaign.
  15. ChefMommyinOC

    Also, about the weekly bites

    More space I had hoped that had changed the layout to provide more than a few spaces for ordering. It seemed there was a small amount of order lines for items, and then EVERY stone on special was listed below. I have decided to use the general OOF for September and just have my guests write the...