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    What goes with dill dip?

    What do you typically serve with the dill dip--veggies, potato chips? Any suggestions! And what do people usually think of the dip's flavor? Dill is new to me. But I'm thinking of making some dip for my first open house. I only have a sample though, so it's not enough to make a trial dip and...
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    Woven trays question

    Can we place hot stoneware directly on the woven trays? Or should the stoneware be cooled a bit?
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    Fondue kitchen show

    I have a question about a fondue "sip and dip" I saw posted around here somewhere. Does PC have a fondue pot? How would one make the fondue? I found an example that lists what types of fondue could be made for this sip and dip but no directions on how to make them. This sounds like a wonderful...
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    Sales Going to Do Children's Cooking Classes

    Questions for Becky I think both Susan and Becky have wonderful ideas! I'll probably give them a try soon. Becky, what recipe would you use for the pie? And which cookbooks would you give away for free? Thanks!
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    Can these be made a day ahead?

    I'm trying to organize for my open house. Two items I want to make for it are the velvety chocolate truffles and the cheese truffles. If I make them a day ahead and store them in the refrigerator, will they be OK the next day? And what about touchdown taco dip? Can I refrigerate that also...
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    When will Spring/Summer come out?

    Yep, sounds like I'll need more! Thank you
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    When will Spring/Summer come out?

    When does the Spring/Summer catalog typically come out? I'm trying to decide whether I should order more Fall/WInter. I'm down to 25 copies. Depending on when the new catalog will be released... Thanks
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    Theme Show Karaoke show??

    Has anyone done a karaoke show? I have some friends who love karaoke and want to do a show for me. I mentioned we might be able to do one centered around the karaoke. If anyone has done one of these, what activities did you do? Thanks!
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    What are these recipes cards I keep hearing about?

    I've seen in several places that there are recipe cards that many consultants like to hand out during shows and what not. Where do I get these cards? I don't see anything on my order forms. Then again, I'm new, so I might not be looking in the right places. Thanks!
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    Theme Show What is a Sip and Dip?

    I saw Sip and Dip mentioned in another thread as a theme. What is it? Thanks!!
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    Athenian pastry squares recipe

    Nevermind...I found it myself after all! :rolleyes:
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    Athenian pastry squares recipe

    I was just at a demo where they made athenian pastry squares. Our director said the recipe was available on the pc website but I can't find it. So does anyone have this recipe? Can you type it up for me? Thanks in advance!
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    Open House

    Hi everyone! I'm really new to PC. I'm hosting an open house the first weekend of December, and I'd like to know what tips you have for hosting an open house. Thanks!